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I am a bit of a novice here so forgive me, but I have a 80GB Classic and having seemingly followed the instructions on how to get covers downloaded from itunes, they just dont arrive on my PC. My ipod is set up to recieve artwork. My account and account information with itunes is all fine. When I buy a song from itunes I get the artwork and see it on the ipod, but for my own downloaded CDs I can't recieve the artwork from itunes when I go through the ADVANCED, GET ALBUM ARTWORK process. The message 'could not get artwork for some albums' and then a notification of the 300+ albums it couldn't get. These albums are just normal pop stuff.

Any help greatfully recieved.


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    If the album is not available on your country's iTunes Store, it won't be found. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1815

    You may want to look at this for albums not available in your iTunes Store.
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    I have over 1,000 albums on my iPod and have had several that iTunes could not download the artwork for. In some cases, the artwork was simply not available, in other cases, there was a problem with my iTunes entry - a typo in the artist's name, for instance.

    Another way to find your artwork that Apple will not download (no additional software required) is simply to do a Google image search for each album. When the results come up, look for a suitable image that is at least 250x250 (but not larger than, say, 500x500). Then highlight all of the tracks that require that particular cover art, and drag the artwork to the box in the lower left of iTunes ("drag album artwork here"). Just remember not to drag the artwork from the Google thumbnail, but go the site with "full-sized" artwork.