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Hi All,

I went away to the alps the other week and took my MacBook, since I have got back my CD ROm wouldn't eject my CD.

Basically the felt seal that protects the slot went really stiff, so it prevents the CD ROM from ejecting. My laptop is out of warranty, so took it all to bits. 50 or so screws later, I ended up having to remove the felt seal.

The drive now pops CD's in and out fine.

However, does anyone know if its possible to get a apple spare part of fresh felt. Searched all over the web cant see anything.

Not sure what ist would be called though.

Sorry for the random question, sound bizarre doesnt it. I assume lots of people have travelled with their Macs' all over the world to different climates and assume felt isn' supposed to stiffen at altitude, temp change etc.


Any ideas anyone.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    The felt strip and attached plastic stiffener is not available as an individual part. It comes attached to the bottom case usually by a combination of screws and glue. The most common way to get a new felt strip is to get your hands on an entire replacement bottom case, after which you can transfer the strip from one to the other.
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's had the felt seal go stiff like that. Only with mine, it occurred after I spilled coffee with lots of cream and sugar into my laptop bag and did not notice that it got all over the felt seal until a day or so later--it was horribly stiff and could not eject the disk. The drive would attempt to eject the disk, and the disk would stop against the friction of the stiff felt. The drive would then immediately grab the disc again. I had to clean the felt cover gently with a cotton swab until the disk would barely show up through the felt seal enough for me to grab it with my fingers and pull it out.

    At this stage the disks eject and make it almost halfway out of the felt seal and I still have to grab them and pull them out.

    Are we sure nobody has these felt covers? I would love to replace mine as well.

    Strangely, all of a sudden I've noticed a humming/vibrating from underneath the right side of the hand-rest next to the trackpad. I may be paranoid, but I think that it may be the optical drive constantly spinning. The optical drive still works fine though. I can still watch DVDs, import audio CDs, and rip and burn DVDs.

    I read that if one hears noise coming from this area that it is the hard disk, and that if one hears noise coming from underneath the right side of the keyboard that it is the optical drive.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    I did replace the 160 GB internal hard drive that cam with the MacBook with a 500 GB hard drive and I have it partitioned. I have Windows Vista installed on a 65 GB partition and OS X on the large, 400 GB partition. But I did not notice all this humming when I first swapped drives. Could it spin more as it gets fuller? It's only been maybe 3 months and I have not added that much data to either partition since the swap.
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    This is happening to me right now- my warranty has run out, so i have been very careful with my mac. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything, i just see the very tip of the CD/DVD before it disappears again. I need help quick please!