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Sometimes i-tunes tracks are to long or ends suddenly (eg part of mix).

Does anybody know how I can fade in/out or cut an i-tune, so adjusting it, before burning it on a CD ?

Helpdesk let me know this features are not available on i-tunes 8, so how do you solve this issue ?

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Kris, Antwerp Belgium.

Acer Aspire 6920, Windows Vista
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    Before burning, you have to adjust the Fade-in or Fade-out of the tracks with a tool such as MP3Trim or Audacity.

    If you just want to cut a track, you can use iTunes. Go to Get Info > Options and set the Start and Stop times. However, it gives you an abrupt cut, not a fade.
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    Setting time in i-tunes options to cut a track, only works when listening, this set up option will be disregarded when burning the track on a CD, so it doesn't solve my issue.

    For fading in and out you mentioned MP3 trim or Audacity, is this other software compatible with i-Tunes running on Vista, where to buy ?

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    In iTunes, after you set the Stop and Start times, use Advanced > Convert Selection to MP3. This will create a new (shorter) MP3 file of the same song. Use the shorter one for the playlist to burn. When you are done burning, you can either delete or keep the shorter one.

    Yes, Audacity is compatible with Vista, and it is free. You can get it here. Audacity is pretty powerful audio editor with a lot of useful functions. But if you only want something that can do cuts and fades, check out the simpler program MP3Trim.

    I use both of them regularly (on XP) and they are very handy.