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Howdy. I recently plunged into the iPhone world & I'm LOVING IT!!!!!!

So, what exactly does SYNC & MERGE mean? what will be the final results?

with my iPod shuffle, I'm able to "auto fill" from a folder of pre-selected podcasts in iTunes. After listening to the iPod for awhile, I reconnect the iPod to iTunes (on the computer) & the podcasts in iTunes are updated as with actions taken on the iPod. for example, iTunes on the computer will indicate wether or not I listened to these particular podcasts on the iPod or not, & will also remember where I left off. So it seems that the iPod updates iTunes on the computer.

But, ... this does NOT seem to be the same with the iPhone. It seems like when I plug in my iPhone to the computer & "sync", iTunes isn't updated as to what I already watched on the iPhone, like the iPod did. In order to update iTunes with what i already watched on the iPhone, I need to manually delete the vidcasts from the iTunes on the computer, which seems like a step back from my little iPod shuffle.

ALSO: if I change contact information on my iPhone, will this updated info be lost when I connect the iPhone to the Computer?

So what exactly does SYNC & MERG mean?

It seems that the iPhone reacts differently for different media. I'm very confused & I wish there was a place to understand all this without the generic "sync" word being used without explanation. does sync mean replace, update, ... ????

I've been searching around the net for this info for awhile, but all I find is these terms, without sufficient information as to what exactly MERGE & SYNC actually do.

Can someone suggest some place that explains this in the detail I'm looking for?

Thanks so much.

Jesse Luke

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    Under the Podcasts tab for your iPhone sync preferences, there are various options. I have sync all unplayed episodes of selected podcasts to be transferred to my iPhone. If I listen to an podcast on my iPhone in it's entirety, the podcast will be removed from my iPhone when syncing with iTunes.

    The iPhone includes a sync process - some of the data included with the sync process is a one way transfer process only from your computer to your iPhone such as iTunes music, and the same for selected photos to be transferred from your computer to your iPhone.

    The sync process for contact info, calendar events, and Safari bookmarks with the supported applications on your computer is a bidirectional or true sync process. When syncing an iPhone for contact info the first time with a supported application on your computer that includes contact info, you will be provided a merge prompt if your iPhone includes any contact info that was manually entered in your iPhone's address book. This will merge the contact info between the two. After the first sync or merge for this data, it will be a bidirectional or true sync process. Change info for a contact on your iPhone, and the info will be changed for the contact info with the supported address book on your computer when followed by a sync, and vice-versa. Add a new contact with the supported address book on your computer, and the new contact will be transferred to your iPhone's address book during the next sync, and vice versa. The same applies to calendar events when syncing with a supported calendar app on your computer.
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    thanks, that's a lot of great information.
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    Hello, Jesseluke

    You may wish to also check out the link below just to add onto what Allan Sampson mentioned earlier. It goes into detail about Bi-Directional and Uni-Directional Syncing and merging information.

    iPhone and iPod touch: Syncing and merging data