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Hello everyone. I just recently bought an iPod Touch and cannot connect to my router. The iPod detects the router and sees it, but when it asks for the password, it says "incorrect password" , even though I am positive that it's right. Although, I AM able to connect to the internet when I disable all security protecting my wireless network.

Any ideas as to how I can fax this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, Welcome to discussions.

    Just to confirm

    -iPod Touch is able to see the name of the network in the house
    -iPod Touch sees the network as protected and requests password when you tap on WiFi network name

    -iPod Touch comes back stating the password you used for this network is not correct. Even though this password works on other devices needing to connect to the WiFi network.

    *Couple links and tips below to assist


    *Ensure the router has up to date firmware software installed if needed

    *Ensure iPod Touch has had proper updates done to it as well

    *Try typing your WiFi password again but use a $ first then type rest of password

    *Try disabling WiFi security, update, and see if iPod Touch can connect. If it does then you had a security compatibility block or you might also be using Mac address filtering and need to add the iPod Touch WiFi Address into router.

    -Can be found by going to Settings - General - About

    *May want to try and use WEP 128 bit security 13 character password or WPA/WPA2 8 character or longer password.

    iPod touch and iPhone: Tips when using Wi-Fi
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    If you are using WEP, try entering your hexidecimal key instead of a password.

    When you logged into this network the first time, did you set the Touch's encryption to match that of the network? If your network uses WPA and you told the Touch is was WEP, then nothing you do is going to work.

    Confirm you network encryption (I recommend you use WPA or WPA2 if you can).
    On your Touch, go to Settings > WiFi and touch the blue > next to the network name. Touch Forget this Network. Then go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    Once your Touch restarts, go to Settings > WiFi and go to Other network and type in your network name. Tell your Touch the encryption being used, enter your password or hex key. If you have successfully logged in, you should see a check mark next to the name. Touch the blue > again and you should see your iP address, subnet mask, Router IP address, DNS addresses.