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I just purchased an Ipod Touch from apple.com and I've tried to figure out how to put games on it. From everything I've read, I'm supposed to have an App Store icon on my screen and I don't so I'm confused.

I'm a newbie so if anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Windows Vista
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    have you installed i tunes 8 on your windows vista machine and set up an apple account with a credit card and password. and did you sych your ipod with your computer yet?
    these are necessary steps to spending money on ipod apps.
    you might consider downloading the ipod manual in pdf and skimming it.
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    Welcome to Apple discussions.

    Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes, this will help.

    Then, check your Touch's software version

    Settings > general > version.

    This needs to be 2.0 or higher. It should be 2.0+ if the Touch is the latest (2G) model.
    If it is 1.1x etc. the Touch a refurbished model. If so you will need to update the software [HERE|http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/softwareupdate.html].

    Then check Settings > general > restrictions. Make sure these are off.

    With these steps completed you should have an App Store icon on your Touch and see an "Applications" tab on the summary page when you connect your Touch to your PC.

    You will need an iTunes/Apple account set up and method of payment activated (even for free Apps). Once this is done and you have synched your Touch you should be able to download Apps into iTunes or directly to the Touch via WiFi. Synching Apps via iTunes is relatively straight forward, choosing rules with check boxes and selecting the Apps you wish to install.

    Good luck,

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    I, too, just purchased an itouch and do not have the application icon. I have followed every step you suggested, but nothing. I am able to download the apps to my itunes on my computer but it won't transfer over when i sync my itouch. when i attempt to access the apps store from WiFi on the itouch, nothing happens and it just gives me a blank screen.
    Please help. Half of the fun of buying an itouch was to be able to have all these applications!!!
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    your software is definitely all up to date? (ipod AND itunes)

    if you have just bought one, is there a particular reason why you bought a first gen and not a second gen? (wouldn't have thought that first gens were still available generally(

    have you got the restriction settings on? (on the ipod - settings, general, restrictions)
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    Thanks to everyone for all your help. I spent the $10 and got the update from Apple and it gave me the icon. I just loaded a bunch of games and I'm totally impressed.

    I can't wait to take it to Florida with me. I'm sure it'll make the plane ride much more fun!!!
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    Im confused. When i click in the update 2.2 itouch icon it say that i have to pay $9.95. But when i go to itunes to update it, it say i have to pay now $100 if i want to upgrade it.Why this difference?

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    The $10 is for iPod 2.0 software, and the $100 is for the iPod 3.0 beta software. To get the beta software you have to purchase a developer account from the ADC, or apple developer connection.
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    This was very helpful.