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*last yr i bought an ipod nano 4th 4gb model software ver is 1.0.3 and noticed that the shake feature won't work and i have tried to set the maximum volume limit it still would not work and the volume level would go to the default level or the sound would be so low after setting it up very high is something wrong with my ipod or with the software version?*

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    Are you sure you have a 4th generation Nano?

    A 4th generation Nano has a screen that is taller than it is wide in its normal orientation. It looks like this:

    4th Gen nano pic

    A 3rd generation Nano is fatter. Its screen is wider than it is tall. It looks like this:
    3rd Gen nano pic

    The 4th generation models were offered starting about September of 2008 & come with either 8 or 16 GB of memory.
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    yup very sure that it is a genuine 4th gen Ipod Nano
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    Then it cannot be a 4 GB model.
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    verified with 5 apple concept stores here in the philippines that it is a 4gb 4th gen model do you think that i should have it replaced?
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    As best as I can tell, there is no 4th generation iPod Nano for sale anywhere in the world with a 4 GB capacity -- if it is a 4th generation model, it should have either 8 or 16 GB capacity, no matter where it was bought. I have seen a review from an Asian publication translated into English in which the model was referred to as the "4G Nano," but in it the "G" refers to the generation, not the capacity in gigabytes.

    Based on that, I would at least question the seller about what the "4gb" identifier means since to my knowledge a 4 GB model must be an earlier one, such as the 3rd generation model pictured in my first post, & could not have the "shake" function since it has no sensor for that.