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http://www.motosport.com/harley/product/iJET-WBOTTOM-DOCK-FOR-VIDEO-iPOD/?psrefe rrer=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.nextag.com%252Fipod-remote-wireless%252Fcompare-html %253F&prodId=886758&segment=badger-harley

This is what I want to buy. I like that it has a dock connector at the bottom so I can charge at the same time while using the remote. But it says 30 pin connector.

30 pin is what the iphone 3g uses right? I have a nano 2gb silver second gen. That is only 10 pin right. Or is 30 pin backwards compatible? Or has anyone seen any other wireless remotes with bottom dock connector?


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    All iPods use the 30 pin connector. Where the problem lies is that people assume that because an accessory uses this connector that all iPods will work with all accessories. They often don't.

    Recently Apple changed the assignment for some of the pins (for instance, the charging method has changed on newer iPods) so older accessories that claim to charge iPods may not. Your older 2nd gen nano may be ok but it's best to check with the manufacturer/vendor first as it's not listed as compatible with any nano on the link you provided..
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    OK, thanks. I'll ask. Or have you seen any other wireless remotes with a connector on the bottom?
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    No I haven't but then again I haven't really looked for one. Sorry.