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I've got a PC with Vista and iTunes installed. Out of nowhere the other night my movie would not play in "full screen" mode anymore. The same holds true when I play a music video. Now I know it's not my monitor or the video card as Windows Media Player has no problem playing a video in full screen. I also hooked-up my old monitor, and reinstalled drivers to the video card, but no change. When I select "full-screen" i get a quick flash and then the movie/video displays in "half size" mode. I've played with all the options under EDIT-PREFERENCES-PLAY MOVIES AND TV SHOWS:. Nothing works. Any advice?

In the case that I have to reinstall iTunes, how can I do so without being docked an "authorized computer"? I'm at the limit and I've done my one de-authorize for the year already.

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    I believe I have the same issue you have. I am running basically the same configuration on a Dell m6300. Seems that iTunes will not scale smaller vids for full screen playback on my 1080 monitor. It does not seem to be a driver issue or a vid card issue, as everything else works just fine using other media players. My guess is that this is an issue with Vista and iTunes 8.0.2. For now I am stuck with "fit to screen", or using VLC.
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    I am having this problem with 8.1. Has anyone ever found a fix?
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    Same problem here, seems to have started with the update that added HD content (8.1?).

    My setup is 22" Monitor (Main Screen) -> Projector (Extended Desktop). The full screen works fine if I have the movie window in my 22" monitor, but shows a blank screen if I try the same when the movie window is on the projector.

    I have a GTX 260, the latest nVidia drivers, and Vista 64. Hopefully the apple folks will see this and offer some help!
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    I too am having the same problem. I just upgraded to the latest iTunes and rented a movie from iTunes store and it will only play at half screen. I have movies saved on my hard drive and converted for iTunes and they too play back at half screen. I get full screen on VLC and WMP but not iTunes. Assistance anyone
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    Would you all please elaborate on the term "half screen"?

    If it's that the "right half" of the video is missing by placing the left half of the video on the right half of the screen, that would be my problem.

    Here's a screenshot of it:

    But if your problem is that a video won't fill the whole screen, all you gotta do is press:


    (Or fiddle with ctrl1 ctrl2 ctrl3... ctrl4 seems to screw up my itunes though)

    Hope this ctrl thing solves your problems, my problem still remains though.
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    Sounds like a problem I encountered several days ago. I don't know exactly whats wrong but following helped:

    In the folder "%WIN%/Documents & Settings/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes
    is a file called iTunesPrefs.xml -> make a copy for backup and modify it as following:

    Look for a section called <key>User Preferences</key>
    There you'll find a lot of <key>...</key> <data>...</data> pairs. Look for the key: Preferences:130 and delete it together with the data-section underneath.

    Now start iTunes and any videos should be scaled to full-screen, at least that works for me.