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my 2 yr old 30 GB ipod needed to be reset to factory settings as it was not being recognized by my computer or itunes. It stated the the ipod was corrupt. Apple support in Burlington suggested to reset to factory settings as othe measures didn't work. I now have new computer and need to know if I have to reload the itunes CD or just login to Itunes store.

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    You need to download the latest version of iTunes from Apple (the "itunes store" is not involved).


    The disc that came with the iPod will have an older version of the software, so download the latest. Install iTunes. Put all of your music and other media into the iTunes library. Connect the iPod. It should be recognized by iTunes. Depending on the current settings on the iPod, it may or may not ask if you want to sync the iPod to the iTunes library. If you sync, the music in your iTunes library will be copied to the iPod, and replace whatever music is already on the iPod.

    If you want to Restore the iPod to erase it and and initialize the software, select the iPod in the iTunes sidebar and click on the Restore button. This will install the latest available software for the iPod (technically not "factory settings"). After the Restore process completes and the iPod restarts, iTunes will again ask if you want to sync the iPod to your library or not (do it manually).