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We have an iPhone 3G that is up to the 2.2.1 update.

As of 2 days ago it will not recharge the battery. Have done exhaustive searches in these forums and in the Google-sphere without a solution that fits our issue.

We have:
1. restored the phone, twice.
2. resynchronized the phone
3. left the phone plugged into wall socket overnight (did not recharge)
4. left the phone plugged into USB on a G5 Tower overnight (did not recharge)
5. updated all applications
6. turned off all power draining issues (like 'location services')

Every time we start up the phone we see the white apple logo, then the apps screen starts to show, then we see the spinning white spokes then the phone goes dead.

The phone will not start up fully without being tethered to the computer and even that is intermittent.

We can get it to show up in iTunes and it will stay "on" as long as the cord is plugged in. However the battery does NOT recharge. The battery icon shows a "plug" but not the "lighting bolt."

We have held down the power/start button (on top) along with the home button (on front) to restart the phone multiple times and it does not fix the battery charge issues. We have read on other searches in these forums and through Google searches that this sometimes fixes the issue.

We have been at this for 2 days trying to fix, can anyone provide other ideas or insights?

Realize that we may need to go to the Apple store, but want to exhaust all options.

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    Based on the info provided, I believe you have exhausted all options that are available to you, so time to give AppleCare a call at (800) 694-7466 to handle everything over the phone in regards to an exchange under warranty, or make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one nearby.
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    did you get the phone wet at any point? sounds like it could be some liquid damage to me possibly. or plug it into the computer, hold the home and sleep/wake buttons down simultaneously until the phone resets (ignore the off slider), and keep holding until you see the iTunes icon on the phone. this forces the phone into recovery mode and you should be able to restore from there.
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    I hope you find a solution. I am having the same problem with my iPhone (two iPhones to be exact!). Please let me know if Apple offers a viable solution to your problem. I'm at my wits end! Good luck.
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    I just had same problem last week, it is your battery it is kaput! go to your local apple store and they will replace the entire phone. i was in and out with a new phone in about 20 min.
  • Berchman Level 1 (15 points)
    Well I did take it to the Apple Store Genius Bar. They did an assesment and said that the "extreme heat sensor" was activated as well as the "water submersion sensor" as well.

    All my wife did with the phone was going excercising with it using the iPod functions. She used a Griffin Technologies armband to hold it. After that one time use the battery situation ensued.

    We never submerged the phone in anything, and never exposed it to "extreme heat."

    Apple, or rather the Genius at the bar, said that none of what was happening with the phone was covered under warranty. We have had the phone for 4 months with no other troubles.

    Since what was happening with the phone was not covered under warranty our only option was to buy a new iPhone. Since my wife is addicted to her iPhone she could not leave the store without one so we purchased one.

    I still have the original phone along with all documentation and the name of the Genius at the Apple Store.

    I believe the sensors are faulty because we never exposed the phone to anything that would have caused them to activate.

    I will admit I was mad that day my wife called and said we had to buy a new iPhone when I have read so many stories on these forums about people taking their phones in to have them swapped out.

    I plan on writing Apple a letter to plead my case along with the original phone, etc.

    Anyone have other suggestions on a course of action? An email address or someone to contact?