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A couple of weeks ago I went to use my iPod and, strangely enough, it told me everything was empty. It said that I no longer had anything that I'd put on it, however after looking in the "About" section of my 80GB iPod Classic it read as though it had 60GB used - all in the "other" section.
This problem had just happened to my dad so I knew to try the 5R's... the only problem is, my iPod won't sync with my omputer anymore!
When I plug it in it'll charge as my computer recognizes it, however after running a diagnostics report I received this message:

**** iPhone/iPod Touch Sync Tests ****

**No iPhone or iPod found.

What should I do?! I can't restore it if it won't sync...
How can I reestablish a connection?

LG, Windows XP
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    You may need to change the drive letter of your ipod

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    If the drive letter change doesn't work, there should be a way to manually reset the iPod from it's own interface.

    Since yours is an iPod classic, you can do this by holding down the "menu" and "enter" (middle button) buttons simultaneously until the apple logo appears on the screen.

    I don't know why it'd be metioning, "Phone/iPod Touch Sync Tests ****," seeing how yours, like mine is a classic.

    Btw, you can restore it if it doesn't sync. Often, iTunes will automatically let you do so when it can't access certain info about the unit. As long as iTunes can tell it's an iPod of some sort, then it should be able to restore it. It's too bad they stopped use of the iPod utility, separate from iTunes. You used to be able to wipe the whole thing with a windows or mac utility and restore it from there, but I've had problems with trying to do that with the built-in itunes version. Dumbing down the interface like that just makes it harder to troubleshoot.
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    Hmm, okay I've tried a couple different drive changes and it still won't work.
    The strange thing is that after doing the drive change, restarting my computer and plugging in my ipod to try again, itunes recognizes that I've plugged in an ipod and opens like it normally would.. It knows that there's an ipod connected, yet I can't click the "Sync iPod" button and it doesn't start automatically like it normally would..
    I'm still getting this message after running diagnostics too:
    _*** iPhone/iPod Touch Sync Tests ***_

    _*No iPhone or iPod found.*_

    I'm so confused...

    Anyway, if it won't let me sync how would I go about restoring my ipod?
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    Alright, from "My Computer" I just clicked on the drive that is my ipod and tried checking out the folders within it... I notice that things like calendar, notes, etc. that are currently working on my ipod appear as normal-colored folders, but the folders labelled "iTunes," "Music," "Artwork" etc. are faded-colored folders... When I try to click on them error messages pop up saying it's not accessible and that "the semaphore timeout period has expired"

    Anyone know what I can do? I just really want my ipod working again..
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    OMG. It let me click on music.
    There seems to still be folders full of music, but they're labelled funny.. folders "F11" through "F49" and the songs inside are coded funny.. ex: ACUC.mp3 = a song by The Strokes..

    so if all my stuff is in these folders, why does my ipod alone tell me I have no music..?

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    The folders in your ipod are labelled correctly, that's how the music is saved on your ipod.

    When you have itunes open and your ipod connected, can you see your ipod under Devices on the left hand side of the screen?
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    Yeah I FINALLY got it to show up in devices, only now a message keeps popping up saying "iTunes has detected an ipod in recovery mode. You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes."

    I've now restored it 5 times though... it's stuck in a loop.
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    So, after you restore it, and rename it when the summary screen shows does it start to sync and the give you the error message? or does it not finish the restore? YOu may want to try these things I have done in the past. Open itunes, then Edit/preferences. In the Devices tab, check the box beside "disable automatic syncing . . ." Then click the Reset sync history button. When you restore the ipod and rename it, give it a totally dfferent name from previous ones. When it is restored, on the main ipod screen, click to the album Music tab and de-select copy album artwork to your ipod. The press apply. The ipod should start syncing then.