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  • gstar-x Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey Guys,

    My macbook air's hinge snapped (May 7th 2010), I was about to take it a part to see if I can fix it myself since I knew apple wont cuz my warranty ran out a year ago, so I decided to do some research and came across this forum topic, where ppl had the same issue and had there's repaired by apple. So I gave them a call and told them about this "common" issue and made them aware of this discussion topic. Long story short, Apple store in Montreal (Canada) fixed my macbook air free of charge (they replaced the entire screen). I thought I'd share this with you and put it in writing somewhere so it might help someone else.
  • kimiecat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi everyone,

    My first gen mac air left hinge just broke. My Dad purchased the laptop for me as a gift and I asked him to get the applecare too, but now as I'm going through old boxes of stuff I don't see any documentation that I have applecare. The support site is currently down too, what bad luck. Anyway, I have researched this hinge issue and my story is the same as everyone else's, the **** thing just made a huge CRACK and broke one day from normal usage. So disappointed and do not have and extra $800.00 bucks to pay at all!! This is clearly a design defect and Apple is lucky it hasn't yet come to a recall.

    I live in Tokyo, so will really be putting the international part of the repair service to test, I will let you know what happens.
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    I have a MBA first version with broken hinges. MBA last version ( the one with the 9400m video) , the hinges from it are compatible with first version?
    Hinges from last rev MBA Compatible with hinges from 1st rev MBA?
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    I have a Mid 2009 $1,800 MBA and just last night when I was shutting down I was closing the lid and I feel resistance... when I saw what it was!!! I said Not Me!!! because i read this problem a long time ago...

    What Apple will do with this?
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    I got similar problem, and I was rejected by local Apple service center since they said it was damage due to improper use. I did nothing but using the PC on my laptop, and all of sudden, the screen shot itself due to a broken hinge (left-hand side). Then, the screen dim to the darkest (I can see it barely from certain angle). I have it hooked up to an external LCD screen to write this feedback.

    I'm totally surprise when this happened, and very angry with the way Apple handled it.

    Please count me in if you guys are going to take class-action.


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    Mine broke too. Contemplating what the best course of action would be... Genius bar or call customer care?
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    Same story.

    First, here are some pictures of the broken hinges on my MacBook Air:

    I took it to the "genius bar" at the New York Upper West Side store. They immediately said they'll fix it free of charge -- ordered the part and said they'll call in 3-5 days. In fact they called the next day, we made an appointment, and they replaced the whole lid (not just the hinges). So, other than having to make two appointments and go to the store twice, it was pretty painless.

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    I cannot believe it, now this also happened to my MBA. Here is the list of my problems

    Persistent overheating -- the kernel task problem.
    Fan broke, replaced.
    Battery broke, replaced.
    Harddisk crashed, couldn't boot, had to reinstall OS X.
    hinge defect.

    This is pretty much the worst quality laptop I have ever owned. The only good point is, with AppleCare, the service is good. Probably I can get the hinge defect replaced under AppleCare. But the issue is, I just cannot trust this computer. The last two problems happened while traveling for business, where I really need the computer, and cannot take it for repair.
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    My hinge popped and cracked two weeks ago as I was closing it. It still worked fine but the hinge was messed up. I was planning on taking it into apple this week and tonight it just died on me! It froze so i turned it off and on, and the screen is stuck on the white apple loading page. Any advice? I'm a recent college graduate and cannot afford to pay $800 to fix this and definitely cannot afford to replace it!!! All i did was shut my lap top like a normal person would, while it was sitting on a desk!! Nothing out of the ordinary! And it hadn't been loose or anything -- no warning AT ALL!
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    I have a MBA that is less than a year old. The wiggle started a few months ago and continues to get worse. I have apple care. I am just weighing in here. This is clearly not my fault. This is my second MBA. I had the same issues with the last one, and instead of paying to get the thing fixed, I bought this one. This one I am gonna raise **** about.

    Count me in for class action!
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    Gday mate from Canada
    I too have a MacBook Air and had the same problem, but this is under a recall, I believe this is the name for it, the hinges are cracked in ,this is a warranty issue, don't let them fool you. Mine cracked under normal usage. Take it to a Macstore, and talk to the techy. This was an article under an rss feed from apple, but now it is removed, wonder why? The hinges are faulty, to cheap, Apple knows about this, but are trying to male it go away by letting the warranty expire. Take it back for service, I did and got it free. Use my Name and email to prove this..

    Good luck

    Neilr R. Mc Neill
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    Same problem here..left hinge snapped,so,went to the iStore yesterday,where they quoted Rs 10,000/- to replace the hinge.They seem to ignore the Apple Article TS2948..Unfortunately,today,I was faced with a grey screen & in spite of much effort,wouldn't revive..took the MBA to the iStore,where they confirm it is a Logic Board failure..Am yet to get an estimate on the cost of repair..will update on hearing from them. BTW,it was bought in March 2008 at NYC,& is out of warranty.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know Apple replaced the hinges, antenna, and clutch on my MBA free of charge. I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store and they sent it for replacement no questions asked. I took a copy of the apple discussion article, a printout of the forum, and a few other articles from various websites. As long as you keep your cool and don't condescend the Genius they will fix it. Good Luck...
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    Another broken hinge. I called to apple care and they told me to take it to the Mac Store and they made an appointment for me. They will replace the screen for free and fix a logic card or something that did not pass whatever test they made.
    It was all good, they have not got the part yet it seems, so I am still waiting, but the fact that they will just wait for your computer to break is ludicrous. I am just about to move to another country and I want to take my work computer with me, so I am to buy my laptop to take it with me. Had this happened one month later I would be in South America with a broken computer, being very upset because they knew it would happen! Something needs to be done!
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    Hi everyone: past week I had a broken hinge on my macbook air and now apple apply a full warranty and change for free a new screen. Thanks apple for your full support. You are the best.
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