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  • terrence Liew Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, i had a major hinge issue (7 mths from purchase) like what you see in the picture above. I had a whole host of technical problems before this e.g, Airport card (3 weeks from purchase), etc... Before the hinge issue happens, there were telling "symptoms" eg...

    1. the screen will start to wobble when a slight knock on the table or wind blown from a fan
    2. when screen module is 25 degree from the keyboard, it will "free-fall" to close.
    3. when you place it vertically on its hinge, there will be a gap of approx 1" between screen & keyboard module. if you have your system on sleep mode, it will "turn on".

    I gave Apple technical support helpline a piece of my mind and Apple fixed my hinge by changing my screen screen module FOC.

    *Now, after 7 months symptoms 1 & 3 starts to appear*

    I mainly use the MBA at home and have 2 other notebooks (IBM T41 & Sony Viao VGN -TX750P) which has no hardware issue.

    God help me!
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    I have same MBA"hinge"issue

    +You can take your MacBook Air to an Apple-Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation and repair if necessary, *even if your product is out of warranty*.+"
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    I had the same problem.  My purpose in posting here is just to strengthen the argument that this is a defect and is not caused by user abuse.  My first model MBA is about 2 years old now, but it is in mint condition - no dents or scratches, completely clean, kept in smoke-free environments.  It has never been dropped and I've never put anything on top of it.  I am a graduate student who splurged on my first Apple computer because of their reputation for quality.  I treat this machine with great care because it is crucial for my work and I can't afford to buy a new one every few years.  I used my last (PC) laptop for over 5 years.


    I heard the dreaded crack after closing my MBA gently as normal.  The plastic on the hinge was snapped and the laptop wouldn't close completely.  It looked exactly like the picture here: s_its_not_a_macbook_air.html

    I knew I'd have to take it in to be fixed, which meant I had to re-open it to back-up my files.  I carefully re-opened the machine to do so.  I also did a quick search and found this thread and others, which made me nervous.  However, the Troubleshooting page here

    gave me hope that Apple has acknowledged the problem and would be helpful.


    Took it into an Apple store today.  The employee at the Genius bar took my information and told me he had to go back and check if the part was in stock and to see how long it would take to fix.  I asked if it was covered and he said "Oh yeah, you still have over 300 days left on your warranty" (I have 3-year Apple Care), as if there was no question.  So, a happy ending for me and a great customer service experience.  There was no accusation of having mishandled the computer and caused the damage myself, and since they covered the repair under warranty, basically an unspoken admission that this is a defect.  Though I'm not sure what would have happened if I didn't have the extended warranty.


    My concern now is that it's going to happen again after my warranty ends.  Hopefully the replacement parts are upgraded, and not the same faulty parts they used originially.

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    My hinge just broke on my Rev A MBA, and just realized that my Applecare expired just recently! I guess I'm out of luck.


    The screen won't support itself, so I have to use a book or a vase to keep it up.



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    regarding this "recall" how can i avail this program? my mba as well has a broken hinges


    any info on how they process the recall or what should be my first move, unfortunately i'm not in the U.S.


    currently here in the middle east, is it possible to send my MBA to the apple store US for this "Recall program" thing?

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    Mine did the same. Began to make sounds. Then cracked to the point i literally had to use duct tape to keep it closed as i was traveling offshore. Then one day, broke into two pieces. Took it to the Apple store  where i bought it. They blamed the damage on me which was so not true, told me it would cost $700 and take a week. A young employee slipped me a note giving me the name of the local repair shop they outsourced to instead. So I drove there. They were SO helpful. The young guy looked it over and told me it MIGHT be covered by warrenty. Called me two days later telling me come pick it up. How much i asked? Nothing, it was covered under warrnety. So see? The store is for selling, not for service.......

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    Les escribo es español por que estoy bastante molesto, compre mi macbook air en USA y hace un mes falló la bisagra, el problema que aqui indican, encontre el problema en el sitio web de apple y lo lleve al servicio tecnico, el problema es que me respondieron lo siguiente:


    I am writing is because I am quite annoyed, I bought my macbook air in the U.S. and failed a month ago the hinge, indicating the problem here, I found the problem on the apple website and bring it for service, the problem is that I replied:






    Junto con saludar según la escalación con Apple para solicitar una excepción para el cambio de display por bisagras nos respondieron los siguiente:


    Asunto: Re: CS Code Request


    Estimados MacOnline Service

    Gracias por comunicarse con Apple

    Hemos evaluado esta solicitud pero no ha sido aprobada la excepción de cobertura.


    ALAC Service Provider Support


    Dear MacOnline Service


    Thank you for contacting Apple


    We have evaluated this request but has not been approved except for coverage.





    ALAC Support Service Provider



    Saludos Cordiales



    Viviana Oyarzo Mansilla



    Ejecutiva Servicio al Cliente

    Avda. Kennedy 8484

    Vitacura, Santiago, Chile




    En este momento me encuentro en conversacion con el Servicio Nacional del Consumidor para evaluar un asistencia judicial respecto del tema.


    At this time I am in conversation with the National Consumer Service for evaluating ajudicial assistance on the subject.




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    I took my MBA to an Apple store earlier today for the same issue. My particular model is a rev B that I bought refurbished in April of 2010. I didn't have AppleCare or anything, so my laptop's warranty was already expired. They thankfully did decide to cover it, so I should have a fixed laptop by next week or so.


    One thing I want to note - the genius claimed that only a specific range of serial numbers were covered under the original "issue", but that he'll make an "exception" for me. Now I was under the impression that refurbished models recieved new serial numbers when they're refurbished, but I didn't want to press the issue since he didn't refuse the work authorization. Does anyone know what the actual situation is? Mine broke in the exact same manner that many pictures describe, so I'm sure that my issue is due to the design flaw. I know I certainly didn't do anything to the laptop that should cause the hinge to fail like that.

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    I think alot of people out ther who own mac book airs think that they can open the lid like any other lap top WRONG people take a look at the size of the laptop it's tiny saying that if you over extend the hinge it's going to break. I asked an apple rep about the hinge problem and he said it's because people over extend the screen when opening it. i think that's why many people get turned away because people aren't using care when opening there MBA's.


    I think a one finger lift will help stop the over extending of the screen and save people lot's of money and hassle.




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    I have the mid-2009 Macbook Air purchased as a refurb in December 2010.  The video started tweaking out when the screen moved, followed a day later by the dreaded cracking noise in the right hinge.


    I'm a bit hard on laptops.  I'm not particularly accident prone, and I've never dropped my Macbook Air, but I'm not anal about its appearance.  I bought it refurbished for that reason.  I, unwisely, regularly put it in a bag unprotected from my keys (I know, I know).  I'm not careful about having my watch on while using it.  The desks at my school have metal bits that I don't watch whether the computer bottom is rubbing up against.  So, needless to say, my Air shows significant wear and tear.  It's not dented at all, but it's pretty scratched up.


    Could I have opened the computer more gently the past 9 months?  Probably.  And I probably will going-forward.  But I haven't jerked it open, purposely over-extended the screen, or whathaveyou.  The Air is advertised as being "durable enough for everyday use."  You can't advertise it as durable and expect people to treat it with extra velvet gloves.  Clearly the hinges are not durable enough, and that's Apple's fault, not mine. 


    I was worried about someone at the Genius bar being upset about the scratches and trying to say that I'd caused the hinge damage.  I also dread going to the Chicago Michigan Avenue Genius bar because whenever I have something that isn't working properly on my computer they make it seem like they are making such an exception for me and that I should be thanking them profusely.  My computer is/was 1 to 9 months old, so please fix my very young, very expensive, very broken laptop without making me grovel, OK, thanks!?


    The third party servicer I took it to made no mention of the cosmetic condition of my laptop, seemed happy to fix it, it's being covered under the limited warranty, and I can pick it up in 3-4 days.  For anyone in Chicago, try Smart Tech Services in the West Loop.  I'll be going back there for my Apple repair needs.

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    It's possible to order two hinge (left&right) directly from apple/original mac store?

    - Repair in Ukraine will cost $400

    - price for two hinge cost $160 - $180 +Antena $60 +New screen cover $50


    Both variants are too expensive!

  • (n_n) Level 2 (345 points)



    i've just got the hinge replaced in singapore for free. they replaced the screen as well and they said that the hinge is "connected" to the screen, thus no point buying the hinge and replace yourself.



  • Jaroslavius Level 1 (0 points)

    In Ukraine it will cost $400-500

    I've asked all premium sallers they telling that thea a premium reseller but when I've asked about screen replacement they sait that they provide warranty support only for items that they sold. My macbook I purchased in switzerland 2 years ago...


    For free nobody will do it, so I've purchased new hingers via aliexpress for $60 both ... antena cover from ebay. Macbook air owning it's really expensive pleasure.... poor matherial. Think twice before you buy.

  • (n_n) Level 2 (345 points)



    are you going somewhere else in the europe, say germany or france? i think all the apple shops there will be very happy to assist you.