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Is there anything out there that is a free Live CD or DVD of any Mac Operating system where I can try. I am a windows user and I have heard so much about Mac's and before I make a decision in crossing over I would like to play around with it. I know Linux have a few Live CD or DVD's. Does Mac have any. If not, does Apple have any older Mac Operating System that I can use under VMWare.

Right now I am building up finances to purchase either a PC laptop or a Mac, I just cannot get it now. Is there such a thing for PC users that want to make the transition to see what the Mac OS platform is like and it is free?

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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,

    neither is there a Mac OSX Live CD/DVD nor is OSX supported as guest operating system under VMWare.

    I would suggest to take some free time and visit one of the retail stores (list here http://www.apple.com/ca/retail/storelist/ ). Talk to the guys there and ask if you can 'play' a little around with the Macs.
    Usually they are very friendly about that.

    Take care

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    First, it is illegal to download or distribute in anyway Mac OS X or its derivatives, and if you install it on non "Apple-Labeled" hardware, you are likely in violation of its License Agreement(even if you bought a legitimate, retail copy). This includes running it on VMWare(if not on OSX Server).
    This makes it difficult to try OSX on your PC, legally.
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    Remember now, that the Mac platform is such that you can legally run virtually any other OS without hacking and wondering whether your next update will undo all of your hard work.
    If you get a MacBook and don't like Leo, you can keep the Mac and still go back to XP or anything else.