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I am at an organization where the internet comes through a proxy server (Windows Server 2003, I believe), and I am unable to access many secure (https) web addresses with safari. It will appear to start loading, and it might even load part of the page, but at some point it hangs up and will not load the rest of the page. The addresses in question will load with no problems on Camino and Firefox. Is this a problem with the server, or with my computer (and if it is, any suggestions/solutions?)

MacBook Core 2 Duo 1.8 (White), Mac OS X (10.4.11), also have an XP Box
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    From your description, it seems the proxy server codes are correctly established in your System Preferences>Network panel, otherwise Camino would not work (uses the same Network settings as Safari).

    I suspect the problem exists with the Proxy server relative to Safari. Have you spoken with your IT department, or whomever is in charge of the Network?
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    Hi! Thanks for the reply, Hawaiian_Starman
    I have mentioned it to the IT, but they are not familiar with macs and safari. If I knew what the network problem was, they probably could fix it, but since I am not familiar with servers thats kinda hard. What should I tell them to look for?
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    I'm not a good source for configuring proxy information. However, I did come across this article which may make sense to you and/or your IT person. Hope that helps.