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Ok, I feel like I am missing something very simple. I have a Sequence in FCP that I Exported to Soundtrack Pro Multi-Track. I then sweeten and add some sound design. Then what? There is no simple way to take it back to FCP? I want to ultimately create a Surround project for Apple TV using compressor. I don't see how to get the sound from STP to FCP and ultimately to Compressor.

What am I missing?
  • Gilia Level 1 Level 1
    To export from STP to FCP go to FILE>EXPORT. Make sure that under "Type" you have AIFF selected and under "After Export" select Send Files to Final Cut Pro Sequence. (Make sure you have FCP open when you do this.)

    From FCP to Compressor simply right click go to EXPORT>USING COMPRESSOR. Compressor should then open for you with the sequence you selected.