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Since my MacBook Air doesn't have a CD/DVD-ROM drive, I use a shared drive on my iMac. I load a music CD-ROM into the iMac. I choose "add to library" on my MacBook Air and select the shared drive and it's music files. The download begins. Only the track name and duration are recorded. If I download the same album from iTunes I get the whole shabango - the track name, artist, album artwork, etc. What the .... All the stuff is on the CD. How do I get it on to my iTunes from the shared drive.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    CD's don't actually store any information about the name, artist, album, art, etc. When you import a CD into iTunes, iTunes looks on the internet for CDs that have the same duration and number of tracks. It looks for matches. Once it finds one, it'll just copy the information down to your computer.

    Since you're loading the CD from a different computer iTunes doesn't identify the CD as a CD. It identifies it as a "Network Drive". So you can't import. The only solution I know of is to do this:

    1. Import the CD on your iMac.
    2. Copy the files over to your MacBook Air with WiFi.

    Good luck