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Hi there,

What i am gonna say firstly is that what a correct decision I ve made for not using the apple based software up to now. well up to I ve bought this iphone. now i have to use that itunes thing and i am really sorry for saying that -but this is really what i am thinking- what a crap it is. absolutely not user friendly but user-killer. for gods sake all i want to do is to transfer my songs from my iphone to my new laptop. how could it be this difficult if it is not intended to be so? they are not purchased songs from apple store. they are my mp3s that i ve converted from my cd's. (by the way i ve also had enough of difficulty while transferring these songs from my old laptop)

when i choose to sync music, it says the songs in iphone will be replaced by the ones in my computer??? there is only vista default songs in my computer. anyway i hit 'apply' and it says my iphone is synched with another itunes library (my desktop) and it can be synced with only one itunes library at a time (why, why, why, why) and it will erase the songs in my iphone to be able to sync it with my new laptop. I AM PAYING FOR THAT COMPUTERS, I AM PAYING FOR THAT IPHONE, I AM PAYING FOR THAT SONGS AND I CANT EVEN LISTEN TO THEM WHENEVER AND WHEREVER I WANT..WHAT AM SUPPOSED TO DO? BY AN ADDITIONAL IPHONE FOR MY LAPTOP FOR MY DESKTOP AND WORK COMPUTER?

i cant even manage to transfer a video from computer to iphone..funny...i am no a computer expert but not an idiot also.


Laptop, Windows Vista
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    Its a licensing thing. You have to have the music on the computer before you can send it to the iPhone. iTunes will download any purchased music again without charge as long as you transfer the "license" over to the new computer. There is software that will transfer "unlicensed" music from the phone back up to the PC, but not purchased music.
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    The iphone music sync is one way. You can only sync to one computer/library at a time. The iphone is not a storage device and is designed not to allow the use of iphone to transfer music from computer to computer.

    This is the way it is. This is no secret.

    Hopefully you can still return the iphone and get something that meets your needs. You have clearly purchased the wrong device for you.
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    For the most part, I give a Windows user the benefit of the doubt when something is described as not being user friendly since every Windows user is an expert in this regard, but if you describe iTunes as not being user friendly, wow, just wow. And what on earth does not being able to sync an iPhone with an iTunes library on multiple computers have to do with you having trouble transferring your music from one computer to another? If you had trouble with such a simple data transfer from one computer to another, your entire rant has nothing to with iTunes not being user friendly, even though every Windows sufferer is an expert on the subject.