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Ever since upgrading to firmware 2.2.1 I can no longer make or receive voice calls. Regular text and internet services are fine.

My AT&T meter is at five bars, but as soon as I dial out or somebody tries to call me, the meter drops down to zero and the call will end. The error message left on the screen is "Call Failed."

Has anybody else experienced this issue? I've read a few posts, but are your symptoms with the AT&T meter the same? How do I fix this? The phone has been worthless for a few days now.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Have you tried a reset? This is done by holding the sleep and home buttons until you see the apple logo, ignoring the slider. This is generally one of the first steps in trouble shooting. See the manual for more details.
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    In addition to the reset mentioned above, (or just Reset Network Settings), you can try getting off 3G.

    To make calls till you find the solution, go into settings and turn off 3G. This often helps.
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    Hello all,

    I tried the hard reset, but it didn't get the phone working again. I also tried resetting the network settings, but I am still unable to make of receive phone calls. When I check the voicemail, again the bars drop down to zero and there is a message above stating that visual voicemail is unavailable.

    Frustrating, people think I am hanging up on them on purpose and ignoring their calls.

    I don't know why but I've always had problems with Apple's updates. It like half and half with Mac OS X and now the iPhone.
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    Well if some magic percentage of your calls fail apple will replace the phone.

    Given the amount of fighting you've done with this, a visit to the apple store may be your best bet.

    Did you try on Edge?
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    Hi Core.

    I had the exact same problem with my brand new iPhone 3G. I tried all the same "fixes". I called the Apple help line and spent over an hour with a very helpfull and knowledgeable guy to no avail. I then went to my service provider (Vodafone) to check network settings and try a new sim. Still no go.

    It turns out that it is a hardware problem with the handset. Vodafone would have taken 6 to 8 weeks to get me a replacement. I again went directly to the Apple help line. The troublesome phone was returned to Apple and I got a replacement within a few days - all at no cost to me.

    I hope this works out for you.
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    I tried turning off 3G, but still no go. Then I reset all settings, but that hasn't helped either.

    Looks like this 2.2.1 firmware is junk. I don't think the hardware is to blame, especially when the problems occured immediately after the update.

    I'm afraid to send it in because I'll probably be sent a refurbished phone in return. The is phone just over a month old.

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    There is a carrier update. Check here.

    before you do this, check your carrier settings...
    settings > general > about > AT&T x.x

    then go here:
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    Yes, I noticed the update when I did a restore yesterday. I tried without the update and then with the AT&T update. No luck there either. I am trying to figure out a way to get back 2.2 and then I'll know if it's hardware and needs to be sent in.
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    If the problem was the "junk" 2.2.1 firmware, none of the other millions iPhone 3G users who upgraded would be able to make calls either. This is obviously not the case. Since you haven't run any hardware diagnostics on your phone, you have no logical basis for claiming it isn't a hardware problem.

    If you have followed this form, there have been a small percentage of iPhone's that have failed in various ways after upgrading to every firmware version that has been released so far. It appears to be the upgrade process itself, and not the firmware, that causes these susceptible phones to fail - probably because of a marginally functioning component that got tanked in the process.
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    Core, i have exactly the same problem with my iPhone 3G in Russia.
    One interesting thing I've noticed is that when i plug in any headphones the problem with calls vanishes. Try it with your phone.