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I have just received a 2G ipod touch today and it will not connect to my home network. I have a SKY Netgear router with numerous devices wirelessly connected with WPA security. I have input the shared network key when my Ipod asks for a password but it will not connect (even if I am stood next to my router). I just get "Unable to join the network .........". I have tried connecting via the 'other' network route but still the same result. Please help.

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    Hi cocko1,

    Does the router have MAC address filtering enabled? If it does, make sure the iPods Wi-Fi address is added to the list. The Wi-Fi address is in Settings> General> About.

    Try Resetting Network Settings on the iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

    This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1398 provides other general Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips.

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    Hi. Thanks for the info. Just to clarify, I do not believe I have MAC filtering on as I have not taken this into account when registering other wireless devices (laptop, Wii, PSP, Music streamer). The Ipod just will not connect - I have disabled security within the router and it still would not connect. I am entering the correct 'password' aren't I? The shared network key within the WPA page on my routers access page. I have reset the network settings on my Ipod but why would this help? My Ipod was brand new out of the box! The help pages all seem to skip over the problem that I am having. My router has wireless 'g' - I believe this is compatible. Please help as I am tearing my hair out. Many thanks.
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    Here's a few things you can do to get to the bottom of the problem:

    - Have you ever connected to a public hotspot? The only reason I ask is this will rule out hardware problems. If you are not close to anything, download and install the free app WiFinder from the app store. Once you have the app installed, you see what networks are around you. If nothing is working, contact Apple and either visit the Genius Bar or return it Apple.

    - If you have disabled encryption in your router and you are still be prompted for a password, you need to tap on that network name and tap Forget Network. And to really make sure everything is cleaned out, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings.

    - After your iPod restarts, use WiFinder to find your network. WiFinder will tell you whether or not you have encryption on or off and the type of encryption used. If it is still off, just tap the Connect button. If you have turned it back on, go to Settings > WiFi > Other network and enter your network name. You will be prompted for your encryption scheme and your password. WPA and WPA2 should have a password entered. WEP should have the hex key entered.

    - If you still can't connect, I would check and reenter my password. Passwords are case sensitive.

    - Assuming you have connected, tap the blue arrow (>) next to your network name. You should see your IP address, subnet mask, router IP address, and DNS router addresses, you are good to go.

    - If you have an IP address of 169.x.x.x, your router is not supplying an IP address. Recommend router settings are:

    SSID - on
    DHCP - on
    MAC filtering - off
    Encryption - on and set to WPA or WPA2
    DNS - automatic from ISP

    Let us know what happens.
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    I have the same issue to connect IpodTouch to home.
    I got a new 2nd generation 16g IPod touch version 2.2. This is very frustrating. IPodTouch can't connect to WEP. I've tried entering the WEP 64 bit -10 digit password many times "correctly" and it's still not working. I use the same 10 digit password for my WEP in my 2 comoputers. I can get the 2nd gen to connect only if I turn WEP off. I don't want to do this. This might be a deal breaker.
    My router is Belkin- model F5D6231-4. How can I connect my home router to IPod Touch? Please advice and thanks!!
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