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When I try to download itunes it wont let me because it says the quicktime is needed. ive tried and tried and i got to the point were i actually downloaded quicktime seperatley and it still does not work. ive checked the forums up and down and i cant find anything. does anyone have any suggetions please?

Windows XP
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    Could you give the error message in full and exactly what you were doing when you received it.

    The iTunes installer includes Quicktime and it should install it unless something goes wrong.

    You should down load the installer from here:

    And save the file on your desktop. It should be called iTunessetup.exe and your run it from the desktop to install iTunes.

    Sometimes if there is a problem with installing iTunes it can help to install QUicktime separately. You need the version of Quicktime that does NOT include iTunes, which is not the default option.

    There is an article on trouble installing itunes here:


    If that doesn't help, post back with more details of exactly what you did with error messages in full.
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    it says that the installation of itunes did not complete successfully and it is required for itunes.
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    Also when it downloads it keeps "rolling back action." i am not sure what that means but im pretty sure that on all five computers we have that has itunes i have never experienced that. either that or i never pay attention.

    The farthest its gotten is it puts the quicktime icon on the desktop then it "rolls back" and then it deletes it and gives me the error the message.
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    You are using Windows XP? Your sig changes.

    Is that installing the version of Quicktime that does not include iTunes?

    One thing you could try is to look in the event viewer to see if there is a more helpful error message. (Control panel>>Administrative tools)

    Something you could try is restarting your PC and installing from another administrator account.

    Otherwise there is advice on trouble installing QUicktime here:
    Try working through the steps there.
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    yes i am using xp.

    ive tried installing both itunes and quicktime and only quicktime thann itunes and nothing seems to be working.

    i am having a little bit of trouble finding the admin tools.

    i have tried restarting a few times and even did an update for windows just incase.
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    im having exactly the same problems as the user above, and i'v also done the same with no results. i can't figure out whats wrong.
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    You should find administrative tools on the control panel. You probably need classic view, which you can set on the left.

    Other wise you can start the event viewer with:

    I am hoping to get some kind of indication why the install failed.

    Did you work through all the steps in the link on trouble installing iTunes/Quicktime.

    WHen things get tricky, I need to know exactly what you have tried.
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    I just wanted to give a very brief, non-technical answer to the original question.

    I was having the same problem with Quick Time not reinstalling successfully, and I tried many of the suggestions listed above, to no avail - any atttempt to enter iTunes resulted in the error message asking to repair or install Quick Time.

    What I finally did was go to the Control Panel, select add/remove programs, and removed the Quick Time program completely.

    Once that was completed, I went back to iTunes and downloaded iTunes 8.0.2, which automatically installs the Quick Time player again. During the install, initially it still warned me that it was having trouble, but the install went smoothly, and now I can access iTunes again with no issues.

    For me, for whatever reason, the new iTunes program is having issues removing the older version of Quick Time. So eliminating that step seemed to resolve the issue.
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    hmm ok well this is what i have done so far.

    1. i cheched the admin tools and it shows that it did fail but i am not sure how to read it. is there anyway i can make sense of it?

    2. i have tried installing just quicktime but that didnt work. for some reason it wont even let me install quicktime.

    3. and i also did try the going into add/remove programs and quicktime was not even there so i cant even delete it and try to start over.
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    It is probably worth checking to see if there are any remnants of the old Quicktime installer left behind. You can do this with the Microsoft installer cleanup utility.

    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program. The installer doesn't give any message to confirm the installation.


    (To run the program – All Programs>>Windows Install)

    Run the utility and look to see if there is an entry for Quicktime, delete it if there is one. otherwise look for any blank entries or numeric entries that could be a QUicktime version number, i.e. 7.x

    If you find anything to remove, try installing Quicktime again.
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    i've been having the same problem!!
    i tried to remove quicktime from my computer but it says there is a "fatal error during installation" when i try to uninstall it. do you know what to do to fix that?
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    This is the same problem I am having only my computer wont let me unistall my quick time at all!