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So I finally went for the hd 3870, which will hopefully solve my freezing issues, but I'm having trouble getting my POS x1900 out. I cant find the latch that disconnects it from the logic board or something. I know this is probably very simple, but I'm kind of dumb and would love some help.

Also I have the first gen Mac Pro, is there something I need to do before installing the card, other than installing the radeon software?


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    As you are looking into the computer you may see that each slot has a little flap at the left of the slot. You need to push the flap down slightly (don't need to use a lot of pressure) as you pull the card out of the slot.

    You will find a lock bar on the right side of the slots that hold the cards (and empty slot covers) in place. Two knurled knobs are near the bottom the bar. Unscrew them to release the bar.
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    I must be blind. Would you mind marking this picture where the flaps are? Really appreciate it!!

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    I'm sorry but the image is too dark to see anything inside the box where the slots are located.

    The slot looks a bit like this:


    The arrow above points to the left end of the slot where you will find the locking flap. Accessing the flap will require you to place a finger behind the video card to depress it in order to free the card. Otherwise if you force the card it will break the tongue portion on the card that locks it in place. Hope this is helpful.

    Your 3870 should have come with pictures and instructions on how to both remove the old card and install the new one. If you didn't get these, then be sure you didn't buy the OEM version of the card that apparently won't work in the Mac Pro.
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    Solved and so far so good, no freezes or horizontal lines, thanks!