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Hello everyone. I recently bought an eMac off of eBay and I wanted to do a software update, but when I do so it tells me that there was a network problem, so when I run the network diagnostics it tells me that while I'm connected to the internet, it can't connect to the server "boemac2.jackson.k12.ga.us"

I don't know what that server is, I'm using a cable router for my internet connection. But I really need help because it won't let me install newer programs such as Safari 3 without the latest security update.

eMac G4 1.25GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1GB RAM, SuperDrive, 80GB HDD
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    Your computer must have been used with Mac OS X Server. I usually create a new account in System Preferences. This is what is happening:

    The computer was connected to a software update server locally on their server (Jackson County School System). Creating a new account defaults everything to Apple settings.

    Hopefully you have administrator privileges.
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    Well I contacted the seller that gave me the eMac and he said that he never made a password for it so he doesn't know it. The account is "user 1". Is there perhaps a default password I can use to create a new account?
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    There may be no password at all, but if there is, you can reset it by using a system disc. Boot up from the disc, go to the Utilities menu, and select password reset. Select your user, and reset the password.
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    Where can I get a System Disc?
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    The seller should have given you the discs, but if the seller does not have them, call Apple and ask for a new set. They are around $40.
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    Would it be better to perhaps get an old copy of Tiger from eBay or buy a new install of Leopard, then just perform a clean install?
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    I got the same message in the last few days on my iBook G4. It appeared after an update. I then found that Safari also failed to work but Firefox was OK. In addition I couldn't connect set up my wireless connection at home although my MacBook worked fine.

    Go into System Preferences then Network. Have a look at Built-in Ethernet by clicking on Configure. Now look on Proxies. Has a tick mysteriously appeared on the Web Proxy (HTTP) setting and the FTP proxy set to Mine certainly had altered despite the fact that the padlock symbol was clearly closed and no alteration should have been possible.

    If you find it simply remove the tick and save the settings. Restart the Mac and with a bit of luck it should be resolved.
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    I am also getting the same issue after doing an upgrade to Leopard on an eMac.

    However, I am doing this troubleshooting in Safari and Network Diagnostics shows I am connected. I tried bypassing the Proxy server but that didn't help. BTW, I can do manual downloads from the Apple site but am not sure which ones will apply to this machine.