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Adam Ferguson Level 1 (5 points)

My kids were playing with my iphone yesterday morning and now i have the iphone is disabled message. I don't know how many times they tried to get in! By coincidence i've just had my computer reformatted hence itunes does not recognise the iphone. I've tried to connect to itunes with and without the sim and on another machine. I'm lost and would appreciate any assistance. thanks Adam

iphone, Windows XP
  • Andrew T. Level 4 (3,210 points)
    Hello, Welcome to discussions

    Below is information about iPhone not seen in iTunes. If you need further assistance please post back. If you can provide anymore information that may assist please include it as well.

    iPhone not recognized in iTunes for Windows
  • Adam Ferguson Level 1 (5 points)
    Andrew - thanks for the reply. From my research what i understand is that if you incorrectly enter a password the iphone will disable. Depending on the number of times you incorrectly enter will determine the length of time before you have the option to re-enter your password. I don't whether there is a limit to the number of times you can try or the full length of time before you can try again. Since my kids were the ones mucking around with the iphone i have no idea how many times they tried.

    Failing being able to enter a password, I understand you should be able to reset / reformat from within itunes from the machine i originally sync'd from. As my computer has been reformatted none of the settings in itunes have been saved hence it's like connecting to a new machine. When I try to connect to itunes it says i need to unlock the phone...if i was able to unlock the phone I wouldn't to use itunes to reset the phone.

    Hopefully i've explained myself
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    Take it to the Apple store, and see if there anything they can do to help. It's a security feature designed to make sure that if some one steals or finds an iPhone, they can't use it. So at this point I think you can only look for help from Apple.