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I scan all my important docs to a directory on a Windows XP machine on my Network but I access and rename the files from my Mac Mini. The problem is that I do not know how to refresh the directory listing on the network drive to see the new files. Is there an equivalent on the Mac to the F5 key on the PC that will refresh any directory you are viewing?

Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
Solved by ae9eayi4qe on Jun 17, 2009 4:31 PM Solved
+1 It surprises me there is no F5 function for the Mac. It seems so basic.
  • Christopher Gleason Level 1 Level 1
    I also would benefit from an answer to this question

    Currently I open the force quit menu and relaunch finder

    not very convenient, and can't be using the finder (copying files or whatever)
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    If you have the Finder, say displaying Documents for instance, why don't you just View as list with date modified arrow pointing whichever way you want items listed by date, or time if currently loading items there. Or ls -lt, ls -lT in open Terminal window and hit return every time you put a new item in it. Is this along the lines?
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    I'd love an answer to this question myself. It doesn't suffice to say, "Why don't you do this or do that?" using Terminal?! or changing the view of the window.

    It's so simple, a function that refreshes the display of a window which may have had it's contents changed by a network user or from within an application.

    Most linux distros and ugly slow decrepit stupid old windoze have this functionality.

    We don't even necessary need a particular function key for this , but if we had a menu option which could be assigned to a keyboard combination, that would be really good. It really seems ridiculous that it hasn't been included thus far.
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    Try a Finder -> File -> Get Info on the folder. This may cause the finder to rescan the remote directory in order to get current size info.

    This is just a guess.
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    It surprises me there is no F5 function for the Mac. It seems so basic.