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I'm remotely managing an Xserve located at a colo facility. I have to run Raid Utility to reconfigure the Raid setup on this system. The reconfiguration involves the boot disk and as such, I have to boot from the OS X Server DVD and run Raid Utility from there. Therein lies the problem: is there any way for me to see the Xserve's screen and run Raid Utility remotely while it is booted from the DVD?

On page 26 of the Xserve user guide they advertise the fact that you can connect to the Xserve while it is booted from the OS X Server DVD via screen sharing/ VNC. I have configured the firewall on the server to allow VNC and can connect to it via screen sharing/ VNC while it is booted from the HD. However, as soon as I tell it to restart using the DVD as the boot device, I can no longer connect to it (then I have to access it via LOM and tell it to restart again using the boot HD in order to get it back up...).

Thanks for any help!

Xserve 2.8 Quad Intel Xeon, Mac OS X (10.5.6)