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I just bought a new LCD external monitor (1920x1080) to use with my white MacBook 2.2GHz-late 2007 model), but I'm having some problems. I've connected the monitor with a mini DVI to VGA cable.

The MacBook recognizes the monitor with no problems, but when I close the lid (clamshell mode) and plug in my USB mouse, the computer wakes from sleep and the external monitor auto-powers on but will not display anything (black screen). My wife also has a MacBook (also late 2007 model) and her's works fine!!

I tried resetting the PRAM and permissions, but nothing seems to work.

At this point, the only way I can use the monitor is in 1280x800 mode with the MacBook's screen open! Anyone have any suggestions?

White MacBook 2.2GHz 4GB Ram (late 2007 model), Mac OS X (10.5.6)