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So, I left my ipod nano in my running coat and washed it. I didn't remember until I put my clothes in the drier and heard a loud banging and realized what I had done. I took it out and it would not turn on and my dad suggested that I plug it in to my computer and charge it over night, which I did and it still doesn't work. In reading on the discussion everyone has said that I should not have pulled it in. Is there any chance of still saving my ipod?

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    Putting power on it while it was wet was not a good idea.

    Take your Nano and set it in a cool, dry place, like a cupboard. Leave it there for 5 - 7 days. You can put it in a baggie with raw rice or new silica gel packets and maybe speed the drying process up by a day or two.

    After you have let it dry connect it to power (a wall charger is preferred for this) and let it charge for at least 30 minutes. While it is still connected to power Reset it (with the Hold slider off, i.e., no orange showing, hold down the menu and center buttons for 6 seconds). You may have to try to Reset it several times. When it revives fully charge it.
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    So, it seems that my ipod is dead. I put it in a bag with rice for 5 days, charged it for an hour and tried to do the reset and nothing happened. Does anyone know about what they will do if I take it into the store for service?
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    Offer to have it serviced out of warranty.

    You might want to try a 3rd party repair site, such as http://www.iresq.com or Google for other such sites.
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    Since it didn't survive the swim you know it shorted out - about the only thing you can count on having survived is the case. The circuit board is fried. The battery is probably gone. The display may or may not be dead. Chalk this up to experience and replace it.
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    oh my!! thats sad!!! i hope ur ipod works now!!
    .at least u didnt iron it! then u'd have a BIG!! problem
    u should bring it 2 a apple store or call them and explain,
    thats what i hope 2 do 2day for my ipod problem...
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    Thank you so much!! This post was extremely helpful to me, as I unfortunately left my iPod Nano in my running jacket and washed it (and then also dryed it!!) I followed the tips regarding drying it out for a week, charging it and resetting it. My Nano appears to be fully functioning, but the screen is dim. Is there any hope of getting this resolved with mimimal cost--or are my (perhaps overly optimistic) hopes dashed? Many thanks for any advice!
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    You might try Restoring it in iTunes and see if the screen brightness resumes.

    If it doesn't you can have the screen replaced at http://www.iresq.com or buy the screen and replace it yourself at http://www.ifixit.com

    But I would try the Restore and a little bit of time first.
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    wow man thats really sad, hopfully it works after you leave it drying.. just dont connect it to power untill its dry
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    so what do u do if yur ipod workz after u washed it and iz on the power but u can hardly c the screen?
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    I did the same thing as everyone else. I pugged it into my computer and the apple logo pops up and then fades away. I then press the center and play buttons and the "ok to disconnect screen" pops up. Then the apple logo pops and fades away again. Any hope?
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    Same thing happened to my ipod, but it doesn't work still following all the instructions given in this thread. When i plug in my Ipod to charge, it beeps twice then nothing happens...then 1 minute later it continues to beep twice.... any other way? Or will it cost more to bring it for repairing than to buy a new ipod?