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I have read through previous posts and don't see what I am looking for.

Suppose I have an event with lots of photos taken in Ireland (for example). But within that event I may have photos from several locations within Ireland.

I want to name the event "Ireland", then open the event and select all the photos taken in Dublin (say) and mark their location as "Dublin. Others in the same event at say, Galway, I would like to select and mark as at "Galway". When I look at the map in the furthest zoomed out view I might see only one pin labelled "Ireland" but as I click on that pin to zoom in, I would hope to see a pin at Dublin labelled "Dublin" and another pin at Galway labelled "Galway".

Is this possible? Placement of multiple pins in a country seems random to me so far. I don't always get a pin for each location I set, and the label attached may not be what I expect.

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    Photos for Mac
    under the windows menu ==> manage my places you can add new places and edit the names of your places

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    Yes, I have read previous posts that tipped me off to that. But my events and photos are named as I want them. i.e. the Event itself has a place name "Ireland" in my example, and some photos within that event have a place name "Dublin" while others have a place name "Galway" but the map when zoomed out may show one pin labelled "Dublin" (rather than "Ireland") even though only some of the photos at that general location are NOT from Dublin, but rather are from Ireland.