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How we can sync music with Apple TV without iTunes?

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    moralesfamily wrote:
    How we can sync music with Apple TV without iTunes?

    you can't
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    Probably for the same reason you can't sync music with an iPod without iTunes. Syncing requires software at both ends, software that knows how to talk to each other. ATV talks "iTunes".
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    moralesfamily wrote:

    The way it's designed - plain and simple.

    AppleTv is designed as a way of playing compatible media from your iTunes library on your TV or connected hi-fi using Tv as an interface.

    Anything synced with AppleTV must exist in the itunes library.

    AppleTV is synchronised with stuff from itunes not from anywhere else.

    Delete the item from iTunes and it goes from AppleTV too.

    Think of AppleTv using a mirror or a copy of something from iTunes to enable playback when itunes computer is off.

    From a technical viewpoint iTunes handles all local network media file transfer between the network and AppleTV. AppleTV can only access the internet independently - it does not know where to look for media itself, nor is there a way of configuring it to know - it relies on iTunes to feed it.

    The USB port on AppleTv has no end user function so you can't transfer stuff to it that way.

    Sorry, there's no other easy solution.

    I personally wish I could drag and drop files from iTunes to AppleTV or that USB was enabled to allow itunes at the very least to perform drag and drop rather than sync. This would be more flexible than syncing but less convenient/automatic for many people who like the automatic addition of new episodes/removal of older ones etc.

    If you want to send feedback you can use this link:


    Do not expect a reply, they never do, but occasionally take comments on board when updating software.

    It is also essential for you to appreciate that AppleTv is not a backup solution.
    You cannot retrieve files (without jumping many unofficial hoops) from AppleTV as media transfers are one way except for purchases made directly on it which sync back to iTunes to keep the 'sync' in harmony and allow you to make a backup.