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Now that my phone is all set up, how can one back up simply the iTunes app and files necessary for restoring should one's disk drive crash? (I can't do a whole disk backup for a while so would like to gete all the iTunes stuff backed up until I can do that)?

This is a Windows XP machine.

(BTW, does anyone know why I have to use this same machine to log into the discussions? I tried it on another machine while this one was busy and it insisted on setting up a new account - ??)

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Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    iTunes has a built in method for backing up.

    These articles will help you with various methods of backing up your data:

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    Thanks - those are great articles. I do have two questions after reading through them. I tried to follow the "External Drive" backup web page, since that's what is applicable to my situation. Here're my questions:

    I already had set my iTunes folder to be "c:\media files\iTunes" since that was a place I customarily put such things. I don't see anything in there that looks out of the ordinanry. (I have "show hidden files and folders" turned on.) I see the subdirectories where I place various music and video files, and after going through the document and checking "copy files to iTunes music folder" and doing the "consolidate" option, I didn't see any message and no disk activity. When I examined the "c:\media files\iTunes" directory again I saw nothing different.

    1 - So will I actually get a backup as planned if I write that directory to another disk?

    2 - Where are things like the settings and applications?
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    (Putting latest questions in a revised "New Topic" posting...)