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Hi there,

I've just bought an Apple TV and would like to connect it to my Polk Soundbar 360. Does anyone have these two items and/or know how they connect? (It seems to me that there's neither component nor HDMI input on the Soundbar which is causing me grief.)

Thanks for your help,

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    return the polk and get a yamaha it's the only real soundbar on the market
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    Don't have a polk (or Yamaha for that matter) but my guess is it only needs the audio feed to the Soundbar itself - can it be used standalone or does it require a Pol amplifier/DVD amp that they show on their website?

    Either way I'd expect one of both to have some kind of auxillary audio input - preferably an optical input for simulating 5.1 or for pseudosurround from sterero a pair of analogue jack inputs. AppleTV has both an optical and analogue stero output. These work concurrently with the audio on HDMI to the TV. Component does not carry audio at all only the vidoe signal.
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    Looking quickly at the 360 manual it seems to me you have to connect video sources to a Polk DVD/receiver device which has a proprietary audio connector to the Soundbar itself.

    While diagrams for this device have component and HDMI outputs they don't seem to have inputs.

    If your TV has component or HDMI in use that for AppleTV video and connect Appletv via optical to teh polk DVD/receiver box. AppleTv has no composite or S-video out.

    You may be able to use the pol with just the optical audio connected between AppleTv to the CBL/Sat input or Aux optical input. It might however refuse to play audio on a source that has no video signal. If this is the case try and fool the polk with a composite or S-video input from another device nearby (if you have one) - Tv is handling the picture, Polk is handling audio (maybe with a video signal from something else - but you don't have to choose the Polk video input on the TV).

    In other words connect the AppleTv to Tv for the video signal on one input and use an input on the pol for the audio. this is a workaround at best and may be a problem if the Polk has an onscreen display for settings or something (you may end up switching video inputs).

    Hope that makes sense.