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I originally posted this in the wrong category for the MacBook Pro instead of the Monitor catagory. I am wondering if anyone else has the same problem. I posted the following last night.

*Still an unknown issue with Apple Tech Support*? After 2 calls to product specialists and apparently an undocumented issue by any customers contacting tech support this seems to be a widespread worldwide issue. In one form or another with no answer after several months of the computer release displays are blinking, flickering and flashing to name a few descriptions of this problem. Mine flashes solid black for a fraction of a second and comes right back on. I have had this issue in the power saving mode as well as the better performance mode so that kills that theory. To this point there has been no pattern that I have been able to detect. I can go for weeks without a blink and all of a sudden get 2 in 5 minutes. Usually I am pretty good at troubleshooting but this problem has no pattern and is so intermittent I think it's going to be a tough one and I truly believe Apple has no clue as of yet so they are not addressing it publicly or to individuals calling in with the problem. I purchased my computer November 29th. I used it for over a month without ever seeing the issue. When the new monitor came out I still did not experience any issues with either display in the area of blinking, flickering or flashing. There is a video on Youtube that I have located showing the exact same issue as mine. Though the person on Youtube has a non-apple display and mine is the new 24" Apple display and it is the exact same issue this rules out the problem being the external display. Well, I can check that off as well. This is the link. Does anyone else have the exact same issue as mine? I am thinking maybe it is something in the 10.5.6 update. Who Knows?

*BTW this problem is not at all heat related.* It can happen during heavy use or very light use at low temps. I have purchased many newly released Apple Computers over the years and have actually had great luck with them. I hope this is not my first lemon.

MacBook Pro (late 2008) 2.53GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Apple LED Cinema Display (24" flat panel)
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    This evening I updated my original post with this information.

    I spoke with a 3rd product specialist today and he said that this is indeed a known issue and he could not understand why previous specialists told me otherwise. He said it will be escalated to the proper departments and that I should call him direct on Thursday if I do not hear from him sooner. Well I feel a bit better not that the problem is fixed and it known and being worked on. I have never had an issue that has not been resolved since 1989 and trust that apple will come through on this one as always.

    BTW today I could not make the monitor blink once. It never happens when you want it too.

    Same as cars. You bring it into the shop and the problem is gone until you get home.

    Is there anyone out there with the exact problem?
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    Here is another video of the problem from Youtube. I can't imagine apple has not seen these.
  • Richhep Level 1 Level 1

    This morning I spoke to another product specialist that was well aware of this issue. I was also informed that apple is already working on this exact issue and there is not reason to return monitors or computers as it is a known issue and not your single unit. If you have a good monitor with no dead pixels or dust under the glass by all means do not bring it back only to go into the monitor nightmare I have read about. Of course you have to remember out of the millions of people with perfect monitors the bad ones are few and far between. Have you ever bought a new car that had a few things that had to be fixed. It's always one little thing or another. Generally the people with no problems don't make posts. This is what magnifies issues to the few people that do have minor issues. The monitor blinking is a widespread issue though and it will be resolved so we must try to live with it until apple comes out with the fix. Personally I am glad I didn't return my computer only to end up with one with another problem. I hope my research and time put into this will make lots of people rest easy and stop worrying about this issue as I have. As far as all the first time mac users, RELAX guys. You shouldn't even think of going back to a PC. Sometimes you are in the position that you must buy a computer at the time a new line is introduced and there are usually a few issues that have to be ironed out with a new product. Especially one that has been re-designed completely as this MacBook Pro has. *Stick with your mac and in time you will never want to go back.* Trust me!
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    I bought a MacBook and the 24" Cinema Display a week ago and am having similar problems. The display will go black without warning--and stay that way. Sometimes the Book goes dark, too; other times it stays on. When the Book also goes dark, I hit the power button, which usually brings up both screens. When the Book stays on and I go into System Pref., choose Displays and click and unclick "mirror displays." I've tried using the Book in both clamshell and open modes and had the problem (external display going dark) both ways.
    Tech support people didn't seem to know how to permanently solve the problem, but during my last call I was told that Apple is aware of problems like these with the new display. The rep said they would be providing a software patch to fix it soon but couldn't tell me when.
    Has anyone else heard this? I'm trying to decide if I should return the display before my 14 days are up. Any advice?
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    The problems are not in the displays. If you got a good display without any dead pixels I would keep it. The problem is in the software or the computer and the display combined. I have no problem with just using the macbook by itself. Do you?

    If your display goes black you can go to the prefs and click "detect displays". You can also select show display on menu bar in the display prefs and you can do it from there.

    Do your screens go black while you are working or when you are away from the computer? Possibly they are going to sleep and you are waking them up. try going to the preferences and extending your display sleep times. A click of the keyboard or mouse will always wake the computer up. The dimming is built into all books to save energy. That can also be turned off in the prefs if you don't want it but it is for saving the battery.

    Sometimes when you open the Macbook after it is closed while you are working you have to activate it and detect displays does that. I have had that happen a few times. Not a defect.

    I would disconnect the computer from the monitor and use it without it for a day or so and see if the computer has any issues. If the computer is working fine then hook it back up and what I have found is the power saving mode is basically only for when you are using the battery. Use the Better Performance when plugged into the electricity and visa versa and see if the improves things. It has for me. I have gone 2 days with no problem.

    Honestly I was worried about this whole thing for a few weeks but I have talked to a number of people and after seeing all the display problem I have decided to keep everything as it is and it will be resolved.

    The most important thing is to get the extended warranty before your year is up. If something goes wrong around the third year is might cost as much to fix as the resale amount of the computer thus not being worth fixing. More important than that is to use a very good surge protector as each surge over the years even if they are small will shorten the life of you device.

    I totally do not recommend returning the monitor. The problem will be resolved. If your book alone while not connected is doing anything strange I would take that in and get a new one. Talk to a product specialist at apple and tell him you don't want the defective book and want a replacement.

    There is also one more thing you can do.
    unplug everything. Take out the battery. wait about 5 minutes. Press the power button for 5 seconds and that resets the computer. That might take care of the issue. Put the battery back in and restart. See if that resolves anything.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    one more thing. never listen to the first person you talk to when calling apple. They don't have the knowledge of the upper level product specialists. They know about 2 things. Go to the Genius bar or reformat your harddrive. You can end up erasing your entire hard drive if you listen to them and it might be as simple and a bad file or something. Always try to get to the next level product specialist before doing anything major.
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    Brand new cinema display straight out of the box. Goes black four or five times a minute. And someone here says 'Don't worry'? Can you imagine the fuss is this was Dell?
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    I seem to have solved this by switching to Graphics Higher Performance in Energy Saver on my Macbook Pro. This switches in the higher performing Nvidia card not the slower one for battery only use. No flashing since.
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    I thought the better performance was the answer as well. Guess What? I have been on better performance now for a few days and it started flashing this afternoon and not once or twice but for about 20 minutes at least once a minute now with another flash happening around the dock on a few occasions. Being that only MacBook Pro 2.53's seem to be the computer with the problem I really don't think it is the monitor. I had my monitor replaced as it had a dead pixel. Both the old one and the new one blink and flash. Apple still has no clue or they would have fixed it already. They came out with a fix by dumping 2 of the preferences. Didn't work. Well today I was loaded with work and decided enough is enough. Told apple i am not going to be a test subject or a guinea pig while they try and figure out what they did wrong. They are sending me a new 2.66 Monday, but I have been on the phone with a product specialist for many weeks now. Hopefully the problem will be gone. I can't imagine every single MacBook does this. We shall see.
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    Mine is a brand new 2.66 so it clearly isn't restricted to 2.53s. Have had one flash since switching to better performance. Will see. Clearly the problem is with the MacBook, not the screen, which is lovely (as is the MB when everything works).
    Well done on what you said to Apple though - more of us should do this.
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    I am also having the same problem with my 20" screen. It will flash on off a few seconds then its fine for awhile then starts doing it again. I took it in to Apple store which they shipped to apple and they found nothing wrong. Whoever looked at it didn't look hard or long enough. Started doing this several months ago and warranty just ran out in February. Any ideas other than what I am reading on here?
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    Seeing this problem on Unibody MBP 15" with the new 24" display connected via displayport. For me, it seems to be triggered by iChat videoconferencing, though sometimes iChat VC works fine without flashing.
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    Just came across this thread. I have the previous generation 15" mbp...same issue - screen goes black for a moment, and I hear a processing type sound. It seems to only happen for me when I am using ichat - both when I have done video conferencing, as well as when I am simply chatting. When the screen goes blank, it knocks me offline...then it could happen a few times again. Randomly happens however, as I've gone a week or so even without it happening - while using ichat.
    I have a co-worker who got the same model as me, and has the same exact problem. I've been reluctant to bring it to apple because of these types of threads, and the fact that the few people I know who have had this issue, all have had no luck with apple either - so why waste my time until they actually have a solution?

    I really would like apple to at least ADDRESS this issue so we can know it is being worked on. Very frustrating - especially when I have to explain to my client's why I can't seem to keep a connection during production meetings! It's become a disclaimer at the beginning of them lately!
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    I have it too. This seems to be software independent.
    I'm currently (trying) to watch a video via VLC player on the external 24" Cinema plugged into my MacBook Pro 2.53. The screen blacks out for about 1/2 a second very randomly but in the last 15 minutes it has done it 12 times. I'm running in low power graphics mode with the sound coming out of the cinema display.

    The monitor is brand new - I bought it 2 hours ago! Everything else seems to work fine, and the only thing that causes the blackout would seem to be playing video on it although I haven't tried every application. Photo editing is fine (which was the reason I bought it).

    Its really annoying but the date span of this thread would seem to suggest that Apple haven't a clue. Oh dear.
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    Just want to confirm, I also am running in low power graphics mode when this happens.
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