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JagMac Level 1 Level 1
I'm new to this forum, and to connecting my iMac to a TV set.

I bought a video adapter recently and wonder what more I need in terms of cables to connect to my TV. There is a phono type terminal on the adapter as well as a multipin terminal.

Please advise!

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11), later...
  • Duane Level 10 Level 10
    JagMac, Welcome to the discussion area!

    The "phono type terminal" is a composite video connection. Does your TV have one of those? If so, use a composite video cable to go between that adapter and your TV.

    The other connection is S-video. Does your TV have a S-video input? If so, use a S-video cable to go between that adapter and your TV.
  • Matt Clifton Level 7 Level 7

    Generally, there are two ways to connect a Mac with a VGA or mini-VGA video port (which your iMac has) to a TV - through composite video, which is a round (RCA) yellow plug/socket, or through S-video, which is probably the multipin socket you're looking at.

    In either case, you need the Apple video adaptor, and either an RCA video cable (you might find it singly, but it's more often found as a cable with three jacks on each end - yellow for video, and red and white for audio), or an S-video cable.