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I've seen other threads on this marked as answered, but they clearly were not based on the posts in them. At first I thought I was going crazy, or maybe had lost some music when I transferred from my old machine to my new one, but now I have songs I know I bought since moving to the new machine that have disappeared. Not just randomly missing songs, but entire missing albums too. Of course, since backing up my music consisted of simply copying the iTunes folder to an external drive (admittedly lazy way, sure) it happily overwrite the folder as I told it to and thus my backups are missing the songs too. This is complete crap, and is NOT answered as the other threads claim. Even if support allows me to re-download everything (at this point, I couldn't even tell you for sure what I am missing since I don't recall everything I've bought) what stops this from happening in the future? If my hard earned money is just going to vaporize off my hard drive at random when I am trying to play by the rules and be legal, give me one good reason not to just save that money and just start pirating everything? Because as much as I don't like pirating, I don't like buying an entire CD for one good song even less, and I like having stuff I bought simply disappear even less than that.

What is the fix for this problem? If Apple lets me redownload everything, where is the proof this won't happen again? I NEED to have a legitimate answer to this question or you and the music industry can kiss my money goodbye. Limewire will be my new music source.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
Reply by Limnos on Feb 11, 2009 10:35 AM Helpful
Well, after filtering through the 90% of other stuff my basic question is, are the files disappearing from itunes or the whole computer? I have never seen any comment on files vanishing off iTunes. Links breaking, yes.

If files are vanishing off your computer then you have a more serious issue than just iTunes. Is there evidence of other files vanishing?

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  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9
    Well, after filtering through the 90% of other stuff my basic question is, are the files disappearing from itunes or the whole computer? I have never seen anybody comment on files vanishing off iTunes. Links breaking, yes.

    If files are vanishing off your computer then you have a more serious issue than just iTunes. Is there evidence of other files vanishing?
  • pixigirl Level 1 Level 1
    Gizmonic: I, too, have had all my "purchases" disapper except for downloads from the last month and first month. 8 months of downloads in between have disappeared. How do I get them back? I paid for them! I have email receipts and credit card receipts to prove I purchased these albums. what do I do?
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    No other files are missing. Just some songs and albums from itunes. And yes, the files are gone. If just the file was missing the itunes music list would have the red exclamation point by the file name. But, in this case, they are completely gone, not just the files, but the listing as well, meaning something in itunes deleted them entirely. I suppose it could be possible that I somehow might have accidently hit delete and then yes, and then remove from my computer and all that for a song or two (highly unlikely, but, I suppose possible). It is NOT likely that I would do this for whole albums.

    This is not a case of a bad hard drive or something in OS X or whatnot. ITunes itself knows the files are completely gone, not just "missing" since I don't even have the red ! next to the names. And despite admitting it may be possible to accidently delete them, personally, I never delete music from ITunes. If I get tired of something, since I paid for it, I merely uncheck the playlist checkbox.

    And while you state that you have not seen anyone else mention this, I found this forum searching google for missing songs and found other threads in this very forum saying exactly the same thing I am. They were closed as answered despite multiple people saying that they were having the problem and why was it marked as answered when it clearly wasn't? A little searching and you too can find these threads I am sure.

    This is a real problem, not user error. I can't imagine with the volume of posts I've read that this is simply something with me alone, or bad hardware, or even an accidental delete here and there. There is more to it than that.

    Something is up, and I am not sure what. I know Apple went through and deleted purchased music that had been hacked with JHymn or whatever back in the day? (Not 100% sure as I didn't use ITunes then, just remember friends talking about it.) Maybe this is something similar, only gone awry and deleting valid songs?

    I don't know. I just know that ITunes is losing my music. Not just the files alone, but the entire song is gone as if it had never existed.

    I just what to know what's up and why it happened and what they are doing to fix it (assuming it's not already fixed in the latest release).
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    I've got the same problem as Gizmonic - MP3 files and their folders are vanishing from my iTunes library. The files affected seem to be random.

    It's happened now and with Mac OS 10.4.x and earlier version of iTunes.

    EDIT: So it's clear - it's the MP3 files themselves that are vanishing, as well as their entries in iTunes. Playlists seem unaffected.

    - Richard

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  • lhollyfeld Level 1 Level 1
    This is happening to me too. Random songs disappearing from iTunes. Help!
  • kylegonjinn Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having a similar problem. When I opened up iTunes last night, my entire music library had been wiped. Luckily, the files are still in My Music folder like they should be, but I honestly don't want to have to go about adding all my playlists and stuff again. Does ANYONE have an answer for this?
  • The Banana Fairy Level 1 Level 1
    I am having a similar problem.
    All my podcasts are disappearing along with any songs I add in. I have noticed this only happens when restarting my system. I always empty my recycling bin before logging off and when I log back in there are itunes backup files in my recycling bin!
    The files are:
    iTunes Library Extras
    iTunes Genius

    Both are database files.
    I try restoring the files to no avail.
    I look in my iTunes My Music folder and all my downloads are missing.
    I am ready to start copying them over to another location every time so I don't loose my information that I've spent time in the slow iTunes Store for!
  • Poulsboguy Level 1 Level 1
    I am not only losing songs, albums, and audiobooks from my music library but I have also lost all of my playlists. Since this is such a common problem, is there an software expert from Apple involved in this discussion?
  • James Derry Level 1 Level 1
    I've been searching like mad for an answer to this, too.

    Let me be clear. This is not user error. Here's what's going on:

    For no reason that I can determine, iTunes encounters "dead" tracks, i.e., songs that are in my library (imported by me), both AAC and MP3. I go to the directory where they're supposed to be, and they're gone. Completely missing original file. In my case, they songs are staying in the library, but the originals are missing.

    My library is in the /Users/Shared directory, and the whole iTunes directory is intact, and the right pointers to the music library are in preferences, and I let iTunes keep the folder organized. I have no idea what I've lost. I remember that my library used to be close to 60 gb in size, and right now I'm down to about 48 gb.

    This is latest iTunes 8 on up-to-date Leopard system.
  • rcosgrove Level 1 Level 1
    I checked my iTunes library last night - I have over 80 album playlists which are empty: no tracks in the playlists and no files on my hard drive. And some of these tracks were ones I listened to within the last 1-2 months.

    Since this is such a common problem, is there an software expert from Apple involved in this discussion?
    BWAH-HA-HA! Do they ever bother to visit these forums? Only answers I've gotten here are from fellow Mac users.
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    I've read through these posts and cannot find a clear answer to my problem. Yesterday, I had over 1000 songs in my Library with dozens of different playlists. I went to the Apple Store to purchase some songs. I found one song, purchased it, had to log in with Apple ID and approve the $0.99 purchase. I was asked to update my iTunes account and had to agree to new Terms, etc. After this purchase, I then went back to the iTunes store and found an entire album I wanted to purchase for $7.99. At the time, I had iMovie open as well. After making these purchases, I went back to iMovie. For some reason, it unexpectedly quit. I chose to quit iTunes as well and restart my MacBook. After restarting, I opened iTunes and my original 1000+ songs were MISSING from my library. The only songs in the library were the 13 from the album I purchased earlier. Even the single song I purchased just minutes before the new album was gone. Does ANYBODY have a solution? While reading these various posts, I looked for my library file and found:
    Macintosh HD/Users/<MyAccount>/Music/iTunes/
    Inside the iTunes folder, there is a file called iTunes Library and it says it was created when I opened iTunes after restarting my laptop & found my songs missing. Yet, when I look in the iTunes Music folder that is located in this iTunes folder mentioned above, there are 57 folders in it with what appears to be all of my songs/ albums from before. I even did a "Get Info" on my Music folder that is inside my Home Directory and it says it is 9.7 GB in size. That would indicate that the music is still there, but why cannot I not see the 1000+ songs and playlists that were there yesterday? How do I get them all back? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  • FelixBaeton Level 1 Level 1
    ***?! This problem has been around for at least 4 years, and there are is no answer? That is ridiculous. Why hasn't Apple addressed this? It seems that whenever I go to listen to an album that I haven't heard in awhile I will find that a few random songs are missing from the album. I'm afraid of how much music I have lost. Is there a solution? If not, does anyone have recommendations for a better program to use that will not destroy money+hundreds-of-hours worth of music uploading? I usually love Apple, but this really peeves me because I am an audiophile and do not know what to do about this problem
  • Level 1 Level 1
    Getting the songs back in iTunes is easy, just go File -> Add to Library... and select your iTunes Music folder.
  • rcosgrove Level 1 Level 1
    You can also drag-and-drop MP3 files into playlists. They'll get added to your iTunes library and whatever playlist you've dropped them into.

    But the point remains that this kind of crap shouldn't be happening.
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