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  • shivey Level 1 (5 points)

    I am suddenly having this problem again. Thousands of songs missing and that **** ! mark in front of them. I can find some of the folders but none of the actual songs are in there. I have spent HOURS OVER THE YEARS organizing to prevent this bc I HAVE had this issue before.


    I'm on iTunes 11.0.1 and this definitely happened when I upgraded to this version. My iCloud is also messed up.


    I'm on Mac OSX 10.7.5


    SO frustrated.

  • Duane Morrison Level 1 (10 points)

    Add my voice to the chorus please.


    I first started noticing the disappearing songs/albums phenomenon when compiling playlists for New Years Eve. I would go to my iTunes library to grab a track or an album - only to find it had disappeared completely. And by completely I mean leaving no trace that it had ever existed either in iTunes itself or in my iTunes Music folder - or anywhere on my hard drive at all.


    Like many on here I literally thought I was losing my mind. Had those songs/albums ever existed apart from as some false memory?!


    Turns out they had. Investigating one album in particular I searched back through Time Machine backups and it finally reappeared in a backup of the iTunes music folder from 6 months previously. This was long before the upgrade to iTunes11 incidentally so I don't believe it has anything to with the latest version or otherwise...


    Since then I have stumbled upon over a dozen albums that have simply disappeared. I'm assuming there are many more but with a 200GB+ library that I have spent years refining (ripping 100s of CDs to Lossless format etc) it will be impossible to know which these are until the day I decide I might like to hear that song/album.


    I have religiously backed up my iTunes library with Time Machine for the last couple of years - and made separate backups of the Music and Library to an external drive at various times. However with my iTunes library an evolving beast I can no longer pinpoint a time when the library was "complete" and without missing tracks.


    iTunes Match does not fulfill my requirement of having a safe backup as most of my music is in Lossless format and I don't consider a compressed version of the music I want backed up in any way a "match".


    This is completely insane. A flaw that makes iTunes unable to be trusted any longer as the centre of my music collection universe. A flaw that is apparently remaining unacknowledged in any official capacity by Apple. And a flaw that has me feeling very nervous about continuing to use iTunes! (are there any alternate software solutions available for Mac?)


    Anyone else?

  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)

    My "purchased" list has dropped from 500+ to 10 in the last 24 hours. I just bought two classical albums last week and now only one song out of over 30 shows as having been purchased. They haven't disappeared from my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro yet, and I routinely make a backup on a FireWire drive of all purchases. After reading this thread I'm going to burning CD's of everything. I had been thinking of trying Match, but not now! At least until all my purchases are restored. This is ridiculous.

  • glynfromathy Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Duane and others


    I have commented before so won't go on too much. But this is an ongoing problem for me. I too have a huge library, and items both purchased and ripped from CD are going missing fairly often. Like you I suppose the best way of putting things is that I now trust Apple/iTunes virtually completely with my music collection. I have so far lost about 40 rarities I no longer own.


    I've mentioned other probs like the icloud symbol occaisonally going missing, and on checking finding that the "show icloud purchases" has been unchecked unbeknown to me.


    A new or perhaps not problem I noticed yesterday is; I purchased the new New Order album from the store, and watched as it downloaded it to the library as "Unknown Album" by "Unknown Artsist". Then if I closed and then restarted iTunes it transforms into New Order "Lost Sirems".


    Anyway hopefully someopne somewhere is aware of this and someine is trying to solve. Wish they'd just let us know!         

  • Attila Level 3 (610 points)

    As posted before, I had thousands of songs disapeparing, but found them in my trash. Now I have had more tracks disappearing, and can't find them anywhere. It's not as easy to find broken tracks in iTunes 11 as in 10, so it's hard to use my backup and repair links...

  • snowdream Level 1 (0 points)

    Since getting my new laptop 3 months ago and reinstalling everything off my external drive I haven't found anymore newly missing tracks, not to say it possibly isnt still going to be a problem (I had this happening for the longest time on prior versions up to my current itunes 10).


    Itunes was horrible for adding duplicate tracks and no easy way of knowing exactly how many files you really did have. I wont upgrade to version 11 based on horrific reviews from so many people.


    I however am not going to buy music from itunes store any more, i will use other services such as where you can get the files back (they store your d/l history)  if you should happen to lose files.   I still use itunes for listening and playlists and with ipod from time to time,  but other software like mediamonkey seem to do most of the same things and I try to use this instead when i can.  


    To me the only solution is backing up all your important stuff on an external hard disk, and using a new service such as 7digital - where you can easily recover lost tracks.   Found the album i wanted cheaper there, too.

  • Richard Birkenhead Level 1 (25 points)

    Same here. A great deal of music that I spent countless hours ripping from CDs at lossless quality is inexplicably vanishing from my hard drive. Today's discovery: Just about the entire Johnny Cash discography and every Sun Records CD box set - poof! Gone.


    I need answers. This is extremely unsettling, to say the least.

  • diceman1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After a recent itunes upgrade I now only have 508 songs showing in my Library and it used to be 1205. I have clicked on show songs in iCloud and still nothing. If I go to my older PC with iTunes 10 on it this shows all 1205 songs. What the heck is going on?

  • glynfromathy Level 1 (0 points)


    don;t know whether I can help but I too have had these problems. There doesn't seem to be anything can be done about songs ripped from CD. What I've kept noticing is that occasionally when I open the library, the icloud symbol top left is missing. Then when I go to iTunes preferences, under Store I see that unbeknown to me the show itunes in the cloud purchases box has been unchecked. Checking it again at least gives me the opportunity to redownload any purchases that are missing. I've lost upwards of 30 albums ripped from CD, and depsite everyones best and appreciated suggestions, they are not on my Mac at all, completely gone!






    As a matter of course, I now check the number of songs and albums daily in my library

  • glynfromathy Level 1 (0 points)


    did you ask this question to Apple? Any response?

  • LisaAB Level 1 (0 points)

    This morning while driving to work and listing to my iTunes, the music just stopped mid-song.   I picked up my phone and found everything was gone - songs, playlists, etc.    They can't say I deleted anything as I wasn't touching anything, just listening.  What's going on?  Is it the cloud?  

  • diceman1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi G,

    Yes I have checked the "show music in cloud" box. Nothing there. Funny thing is that all the music shows up on all my other devices. Just not the Windows 7 pc. I haven't changed any settings on the pc. Only thing I did was upgrade to iTunes 11

  • diceman1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Surprise Surprise. I warm up my PC this morning and open up itunes and hay presto, there are all my songs. I have touched nothing at all and they have just reappeared. Very Random.

  • DR76 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've just resolved this issue by acessing my back ups and mannually re-linking the missing songs.


    Thankfully, only four of my songs were missing and I was alerted to this when iTunes listed the missing songs after I synced my iPhone (4 iOS6).


    The songs where unlinked in iTunes (the dreded exclamation mark was displayed next to each song), missing from my internal HD (MacBook Pro 13 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and missing from recent Time Machine back ups but still present on my iPhone.


    I find it interesting that the timeframe for when this issue occured on my system is between Jan 11, 2012 and Jan 24, 2012 but I only got the sync errors for the first time on Jan 9, 2013.


    I know the date I first got the error message because I took a screenshot and it is time stamped. I am able to identify the date range for when the files went missing because I have two HDs in my Time Machine set up. One sits on my desk at home and makes hourly backups, the other is stored at work and I bring it home once a week to make an off-site back up. When I browse back thorugh the Time Machine folders on the off-site HD, all missing songs appear again (in their respective folders) on Jan 11, 2012.


    I can't speculate as to what casues the issue but for me it wasn't the act of updating to iTunes 11 as I did that in Dec 2012 a couple weeks after the software was released.

  • Petederby Level 1 (0 points)

    Only 4 songs missing?  Lucky you - I lost about 800 intially, and more go every week.  As will unfortunately happen to you in time, assuming Apple keep ignoring and even denying the issue exists.


    It's a flawed platform and I can't believe Apple have so far managed to keep this out of the mainstream media.

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