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  • xGx Level 1 (0 points)
    Here is a possibly related issue that I am having:

    Lately several of my albums on iTunes have stopped playing, and the artwork has disappeared. The album info is still in my iTunes library, so at first I thought the album artwork was just getting zapped. But if I click on play on any song in these albums, simply nothing happens. It just will not play.

    I dragged some of the files from iTunes onto the desktop, and tried playing them on another audio player, but nothing happened. So apparently the files are somehow getting damaged.

    The files are still visible in my library (I keep my iTunes library on an external hard drive), but the icon preview next the the song does not show the cover art, as it does on unaffected albums.

    The only thing these albums have in common, strangely, is that the artists all start with A (Andre Bourgeois, Andres Segovia, Anouar Brahem, Anthony Braxton, and Antonio Carlos Jobim). The files are all MPEG-4 audio files, except for one song, which is an MP3.

    All the tracks were burned from store bought CDs, and played fine on iTunes for months, until one day they didn't.

    Now occasionally I click on an album in iTunes, and the artwork just disappears, and the album no longer plays. Other albums play without problem, and display the correct artwork.

    I am using the most current version of iTunes, my software is up to date, and I have tried repairing the permissions on my hard drive.

    Can someone shed any light on this bizarre and perplexing issue, before my iTunes library disappears into the Twilight Zone? Thanks!
  • Level 1 (35 points)
    The easiest way to avoid the duplicates is simply to delete everything from iTunes (and make sure to select the option to KEEP FILES if it gives you a choice) and then reimport everything. That'll start you from scratch, no dupes.
  • Chris Cummings Level 2 (190 points)
    Happening to me as well - very frustrating!!! Has Apple addressed this anywhere?? Just adding to the chorus to wake them up...
  • HWStone Level 1 (30 points)
    I would hope that someone or "someones" are working behind the scenes, but for many of the people in the business they have one standard-- does it work with the newest machines? This happens with software from outside the machine makers, too, such as Final Draft deciding they don't really NEED to fully support Mac OS 10.4.11 because "Apple is pushing 10.5" and the mere fact that the single largest group of their users are using OS 10.4.11 doesn't seem to bother them.

    I wonder if the problem may be generation gap related, with "buy something new" being in the back of the mind of the people who are supposed to look at it.
  • HWStone Level 1 (30 points)
    I was told that "you're the only one with that problem."

    That was at the genius bar, and the speaker must not have really been a genius, because seven of the sixteen people there had partial song disappearances, where it only plays for one minute fifteen seconds of a four minute play time, or where the whole song vanished.

    Does Apple care?
  • El Chode Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a similar problem. In fact, I just assumed it was my old MacBook being all slow and old that caused the problem and yesterday I upgraded to a MacBook Pro, and now I have the same problem still, so I'm at a loss.

    Here's the situation, as specific as I can be:

    - 500 GB NAS drive
    - iTunes library itself resides locally
    - iTunes music folder is on the NAS
    - Actual files are NOT missing on the drive
    - iTunes seems to randomly "forget" where to look for (usually) whole albums, or occasionally specific songs. For example, when I loaded my new library, it still has the songs present, but every single album and song by "...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead" went missing, but the artists that immediately preceded and followed that artist were intact.
    - "Updating" the library does not fix it, or if it does, it will fix some files and then lose others
    - I noticed this happening the most when my library grew to around 20,000 files

    I suspect that something is going missing in the .xml file? It looks like it's just losing the path to the songs. Any one else experience this?
  • Mike Valmike Level 1 (0 points)
    This is definitely a problem. I noticed my iTunes library was 97 gigs and could have sworn the files filled 330 or so gigs. It shows 13k songs and I could have sworn I had over 40k songs. Sure enough, entire albums were missing from the database. I tried a few things and here's what I have...

    I have an iMac from the March 2009 refresh, running 10.5.8, Itunes 8.

    iTunes is checked to copy files to my library AND keep it organized.

    I own the physical CDs of the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, 1986 and 2004 versions. They disappeared from the database. I tried to re-add them. It WON'T. It just sits there like I didn't even do anything.

    I digitally bought and downloaded the Les Miserables Complete edition, and converted to MP3. My AAC files remain in the playlist. The MP3 files are on the drive but disappeared from the playlist. They won't import either. Tried renaming the AAC version of the album to "[AAC] Les Mis..." so that the MP3 tags would contain a different album name string. Still won't import.

    Tried deleting my entire iTunes library, keeping the files. Reboot. Re-added the iTunes Music folder. Neither Phantom nor Les Mis was added. Still can't import them. It allows me to run the command and select the folder, and hit OK, and then it just... doesn't do it.

    There are ~250 gigs of music files in my iTunes Music folder. So basically there are around ~150 gigs on the drive but not in the iTunes master playlist, and ~80 gigs just gone, bahleeted, etc. I can't even remember most of what is missing, though the majority of my collection still exists in CD form in my closet. I'd really, REALLY rather not re-rip all but obviously that's gonna have to happen for a lot of it. I'm not sure yet whether any of my AAC files have disappeared. Can't seem to find any that have, neither Protected nor Purchased/Plus.

    This is a RIDICULOUS bug. It's almost as bad as the folder behavior when Mac OS X overwrites on a folder copy... Apple, you guys NEED to fix this. Don't make me go back to Windows. For some reason when they do this stuff, it works perfectly every time. And that's not something they're known for.

    EDIT: Just to make sure I don't get useless replies: I have over 100GB free drive space, and I'm not running anything particularly unusual.
  • Mike Valmike Level 1 (0 points)
    Update. I "got info" on the files that were out of iTunes and they are showing "Everyone: No Access" in permissions. I tried repairing permissions on the disk with Disk Utility but it didn't fix them.


    This is the dumbest OS bug I think I've ever heard of, EVER. Why in the world would anyone EVER knowingly turn off permissions to their own files for themselves? This is not a network server or any of that crap, just one guy with one computer and everything is supposed to just work, period.

    So basically my files are there but they might as well be long gone. I googled for the problem and there are tutorials about "chmod this and that", well I'm not a freaking technical person that's why I bought a Mac, to have a turn key computer that works. Plus like I have time to chmod thousands of mp3 files, literally over a hundred gigs of them. I have work to do. Again, that's why I paid extra for what was supposed to be a "turn key" computer.

    Basically if Apple can't find a quick, easy, direct solution for this before Windows 7 is released, I'll be leaving and never switching back. My iMac can run Windows just fine until I get around to buying a new box, and then I can ebay off my Mac and recoup some of the artificially high price. This is absolutely unacceptable performance for an operating system or application.
  • El Chode Level 1 (0 points)
    I didn't know you can even chmod mp3s on your local machine. On a server, that's a different issue, but someone could have attacked you with a script or something to that effect. This happened to a wordpress site I used - someone ran a script on it and changed all the permissions. But that was for web files.

    For what it's worth I found out that a major issue affecting my songs were that my fiancee's Windows machine was going around and truncating all my song files, causing a great deal of them to be "lost" in the master database. This only affected about 10% of my overall problem, but it was still annoying.

    You should be able to batch-edit the permissions I assume using an ftp agent. Cyberduck is a free one I use a lot. All you do is get the properties/info of whatever files, or even a folder and have it apply changes recursively throughout.

    I'm not a tech savvy person either though, so I could be talking out of my arse. Worth a shot though
  • Mike Valmike Level 1 (0 points)
    Is there a way to batch fix permissions without installing any third-party whatevers? This is enough of a mess already that I don't want to screw it up any farther. I just want my files back so I can take them the **** off this computer.

    Thanks for replying, I do appreciate it!
  • El Chode Level 1 (0 points)
    In my experience the 3d party software simplifies it. The other nice thing about macs is that the install/uninstall process will be cleaner than with a pc, so if you don't need Cyberduck or anything like that afterwards, you can just nuke it from orbit.

    Another option is the fireftp plugin for firefox if you use that.
  • HWStone Level 1 (30 points)
    I had a young lady make a suggestion that "got me some songs back" but did not cure all the problems-- like three minute songs that play forty seconds.

    What she suggested was to turn off ALL authorization for all computers, do an archive install, then turn the authorization back on.

    It went from 33,400 to 44,200 in one jump, but a lot of those appear to be duplicates, too-- the dupes that could not be found before. I have been removing dupes, and sometimes one copy plays fine but the other is bad, so it isn't just wing through it.

    See if that authorization off, then back on helps you.
  • Mike Valmike Level 1 (0 points)
    OK, we're getting somewhere...

    I can set the file permission one by one.
    I can set it by folder and use the "apply to all included files" gear thingy.
    When I tried to do it for my entire iTunes folder, the system choked. But that might have been because I had a Mozy backup, a TM backup, etc, running. I'm going to let the backups finish, try to apply permissions to the entire iTunes Music folder, then delete my playlist and reload. HOPEFULLY this does it.

    Still a ridiculous bug... changing permissions should virtually never happen when a system is not being used as a network file server...
  • zzok Level 1 (0 points)
    This just happened to me as well...
    I lost songs from artists beginning with the letter J..weird thing is I back up my files on an external drive with time machine and while, strangely, the lost songs are on my iPod, which I JUST synched , they are missing from my backup as far back as I can go. I can't find them anywhere. How can they be on my iPod but not on my computer or back up drive dating back a month ago? What the hey??!?!??!??
  • kian777 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have this happen about once a year. Its happened on different computers but only with itunes. I have never been able to figure out why this happens but for what seems like no particular reason a bunch of my music will just go missing. Usually its songs purchased from itunes. Apple has always been helpful in letting me redownload my music but I try to back up my music better now. In any case its frustrating when you have a music library of 1000s of song and you don't know how many you lost.

    Definitely a problem and by the responses to this post it seems like we are not alone.
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