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  • glynfromathy Level 1 Level 1



    I can't offer help, sorry. But this is happening to me constantly. I lost upwards of 50 albums I used to own that I both sold and that were stolen. The files just disappeared. Dpwnloads from iTunes are not so bad as most I can get back from the cloud, but the CD transfers are gone forever.


    How do we do somethign about this? It's ridiculous and in my case really upsetting; music is so important to me and to have things simply vanish due to no fault of mine really hurts.


    This discussion is on an Apple page, someone is looking at it but no one will help. I spend a fortune in the store, and used itunes as my music library not only for itunes purchases but also to store other beloved music from various sources.


    Will someone from Apple please just answer, and help us!


    I'm in total support with you, as we all should be.

  • Robin A. Level 1 Level 1

    For me, iTunes stopped deleting songs when I stopped allowing it to automatically sync with my iPod. It still loses track of songs on a regular basis, but doesn't actually delete them.


    There are alternatives to iTunes that work with iPods. I haven't tried any yet, but search for "itunes alternative" for suggestions. Some are free (which may or may not be a very good price).


    I now only buy things through the iTunes store as a last resort. There are numerous other ways to buy MP3s -- Amazon, eMusic, etc. (Personally, I mostly buy new or used CDs from Amazon for $3 - $6, but I'm an old geezer, so the concept of "album" means something to me.)

  • Silverydevil Level 1 Level 1

    I have not seen this as a story in any media outlets; maybe if more attention were called to the issue, it might prompt a response or acknowledgement.

  • billy burnett Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you SilveryDevil.   I previously posted a comment which Apply rejected my posting.  Something has to be done about it, and Apple should be resolving.  I have a library of over 188,000 plus songs and over 300 movies which were effected.  As with everyone reporting, started deleting randum, whole albums, songs and movies.  Took over a month to get it back to where it was by searching for cd's to upload, and even re-download from iTunes cloud.


    Lets keep this going and force Apple to acknowledge that there is a problem before it's too late one their part.

  • lace675468 Level 1 Level 1

    I have just discovered the same problem, that 2000+ songs have disappeared from itunes. I had them in iCloud, so they're still (currently) showing on my ipad and iphone, but when I try in the mac it says i need itunes match, which I AM ALREADY SIGNED UP TO!!! it's clear that that there is a problem, and having been a relatively recent convert to Apple because the service and products were good, I'm extremely disappointed to find that this is obviously a long standing issue with no resolution. I was taking my husband to buy a Mac tomorrow, but I think we'll just get another PC for him; we need to have something that works properly in the house.

  • glynfromathy Level 1 Level 1



    Ive posted before about this having had the same problem, alot!  Can I just ask by what means are you discovering that 2000 plus are missing? It's just that I'm only coming across stuff going missing by chance. You are right there is no soultion tho this as yet, in fact no acceptance by APple that there is even a problem. Again I ask somone from Apple, HELP PLEASE!


  • lace675468 Level 1 Level 1



    I don't usually listen to music on the computer but fancied it as a distraction from doing a research proposal so it was only when i clicked on itunes just now that I realised there were only 3 albums there! I checked my phone & ipad and they had the proper number of songs thanks goodness.


    I have actually sorted it now and tbh I'm really not sure how I've done it! I checked that the computer was authorised and that it was one of the devices matched up to iCloud and Match (which it was) and that the subscription was still current. I then signed into my itunes account and that's when I realised that for some reason the computer wasn't accessing the iCloud, so I clicked it to do so and magically it's all come back!!! I can't remember exactly what sequence of steps I went through to get this, but it all seemed pretty logical at the time (i'm not that familiar with the idiosyncracies of Mac and I positively loathe what they've done to iTunes). I'm booked into the genius bar tomorrow because my time capsule won't talk to my mac (there's a common theme here actually...), so I was lugging the mac into them anyway and would have asked them to sort it out for me.  Still peeved at the disruption though.

    Hope you find yours soon...

  • nelson540 Level 1 Level 1

    I too have encountered many missing tunes on my WIN7 box.

    And I thought it was just my little problem. I've had an IPod/ Phone
    for several years and so have many previous libraries involved.

    Items vanish from these too. I have used TuneUp to fight the
    burgeoning tribe of Duplicates that appeared a few years back.


    But now we have Duplicates AND LookMaNoTunes too !?


    I have my library stored on an external drive and thought that this

    might be the problem. Starting all over on the local hard drive

    did not resolve the problem. Ack ! I've restored tunes from my backups

    and imported them into ITunes only to have them vanish from all places

    almost immediately. Sync to the IPod simply did nothing, even though
    there were updates on the computer.


    I think it was, how should I put it, confused.


    I too am confused and highly frustrated.

    It is tempting to enrage a tirade on ITunes.


    [ I have never once observed an ITunes oddity when dealing with the IStore.

    Perfect performance. As an object librarian almost every bad thing software
    could accomplish seems to be transpiring. ]


    Here's the rub : My phone contract is coming up for renewal.

    ITunes 'manages' that device too and has exhibited unwelcome

    object management maladies too.


    Wonderful devices dependent on capricious software.


    Not a select for trait in the gene pool or marketplace.


    HALP !

  • billy burnett Level 1 Level 1



    With all the postings happening about this disappearing act, still no comment from the maker.  Reading all these posts I am also seeing alot of users saying the issue is happening when they sync a device.  I didn't have any trouble for as many years I have been an iTunes member until this last version update became available.  After I installed the update to iTunes 11 that's when things started happening on my side.  It also happened to my upstairs neighbor.  So I know it is a all user wide issue.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am at 200,000 plus and movies that are on my library, which I lost around 50 or so total albums that I can never get back or will have to repay for.  The movies lost were purchased from iTunes, and some of the music that was purchased from iTunes, alot of it was not in the cloud, the cloud has only been around for a couple years.  Been with iTunes since they started.  So I am stilled outraged about how a company can ignore their end users, but in the end, the end users will win.

  • nelson540 Level 1 Level 1

    .... Thinking ...


    Now that you mention it, the sync operation is involved,

    if not actually culpable.


    The first clue I had that problems were afooot was the failure to sync

    Podcasts to the IPod. I then added tunes to the library and these also
    failed to load to the IPod on sync. I remember an odd combination
    of items disappearing from the IPod and from the Library, but I might

    be off in that... seeing as how I was not expecting things to vanish from

    the Libarary.


    Items lost seemed to be indiscriminate. I lost

    about 50GB of 80GB. Luckily I have backups

    of most of the MP3 files.


    All this on the latest version of ITunes. ( Isn't this the
    one that added the LibararyInThe Cloud stuff ? )


    Previous versions exhibited no such problems.


    Perhaps it's time to uninstall the current and reinstall a

    less shinyNew version of ITunes until the powersThatBe

    get on it ?

  • trizzle-A Level 1 Level 1

    I am giving up on iTunes.  luckily I have all my music on an old iPod that I will never sync.  From this point on I will find another way no matter how inconvenient it is.  Inconvenient has to be better than BAD!  iTunes blows.  Why go through the hassle of creating a music collection if it is goig to be destroyed?


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  • BajaHairless Level 1 Level 1

    I too have been losing many songs from my iTunes library. Though I'm sorry to hear that you've all lost songs, I'm glad that it isn't just me. 'm on a windows machine. Does this also happen on Macs? Here is what I experience:


    - It seems to occur during the process of sync-ing up one of my mobile devices, and it doesn't matter which.

    - I'm currently running iTunes 11 on a Windows 7 (64-bit) machine. However, this has happened to me when using earlier versions of iTunes and Windows.

    - The songs being deleted aren't necessarily the ones being transferred to the mobile device, but, at least when they are, I get a notice in that iTunes tells it couldn't transfer the songs because they could not be found. Otherwise, They'd be gone and I'd have no clue until later.


    Here is what I do about it...

    - I never buy any songs from the iTunes store. I buy the CDs, music DVDs, LPs, and transfer them into iTunes. That way, if my other steps don't work, I always have a way to regain the songs.

    - I maintain a complete back up of my music library on another drive. It could be on the same drive, but having it on another drive protects me in case of a drive crash. This backup was initially created by copying my iTunes directory, a process that took hours. Since then, I update it with folder synchronization software whenever I add new music to the library. By using folder synchronization, only the new files or those that have changed get copied into the backup. I don't let the synchronization delete files from the backup. If I delete music from iTunes, I have to manually delete them from the backup as well.

    - Sync-ing of the mobile devices with iTunes becomes quite a chore. Don't let iTunes do it automatically whenever the device is connected. You want to control when it happens. The steps are:

       1) Make sure that your backup is up to date before sync-ing a mobile device.

       2) Sync the mobile device with iTunes as you normally would.

       3) Even if you don't get notice that a song could not be copied because it couldn't be found, you probably lost songs somewhere. Use software that allows you to compare the iTunes directory with the backup, allowing the comparison to include sub-folders. The software should allow you to copy any songs missing from iTunes from your backup.

  • anthonymitchinson Level 1 Level 1

    i've just uploaded latest version of itunes today and all music which i never purchased from itunes has disappeared!!!

    total farce - i can see why people are shigting across to software such as Spotify!

  • nelson540 Level 1 Level 1

    Ouch ! And More Ouch ?!


    In my most cynical moment it occurred to me

    that all this trouble might not be accidental.


    Perhaps Apple wants us to do away with our

    antiquated CD & Tape & LP collections and

    buy it all over AGAIN.


    Thus, items not originating with Apple would

    simply vanish at random while items

    originating from Apple would always be



    How many times do I have to buy Dark Side Of

    The Moon before the industry is satisfied ?


    Please someone tell me that I'm flat out wrong,

    just plain baaaad and so forth.


    In the meantime BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER !!

  • billy burnett Level 1 Level 1

    Nelson,  You and everyone else is sane, it is totally an Apple Itunes issue with their disappearing act.  I have now set my back to back up new items as I put them into iTunes to store to an external drive only holding the backup and nothing eles.   So far so good.  I have yet to plug in my iPods and iPad fearing that it might dump music again. 




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