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    Watch this space - there is a guy at one of the national broadsheets in the UK taking an interest in this story.  I'm going to be interviewed next week. 

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    Hey guys, not here to offer any help :/ sorry, more or less just sharing my issues. This whole thing really *****, but i'm glad to know its not from me going crazy or blanking out and deleting things.


    So, yesterday I began re organizing my Itunes by cleaning up the genres, once I did that I recycned my Iphone4 and didn't think anything was amiss so I just logged off. This morning I decided to go through my music and get rid of anything that I hadn't listen to in ages/dislike now. Come to find there was still music I really wantd to keep but it all couldnt fit on my Iphone so, story short I decided to manually sync my songs by placing everything I wanted on my Iphone in couple playlists, that way, the songs that dont fit on my device I can keep checked and listen to them in itunes without any songs being skipped. (I probably didn't explain very well, doesnt matter, not the point of all this..) Anywho, as I was going through my songs I realized I'm missing a couple Albums and singles. Some purchased from Itunes and some gotten from other places/CDs. I thought I was going crazy and maybe deleted some thing on accident. But these are songs I listen to ALL THE TIME. Some of my all time favorite artists, so I cant see myself being so careless as to just delete them. I searched my itunes library folder, and the files are completely gone as well! So, not only are they not showing up in itunes, they're no where on my computer at all :/

    Anyway, I was thinking about it and I realized that the day before I had synched my Iphone, the songs I'm missing now,  were there... now that its been synched, the songs are gone, completely from my computer (the ones from itunes arent even in my icloud ><) So, now I' backing everything up for fear if I synch again, i'll lose more.

    I came on here to hopefully find a solution, but I'm pretty disappointed that this thread started in '09 and there isnt a fix... I pay a lot of freaking money in being Apple supporter and its terrible that something that seems so sophistocated, cant (or wont) fix a problem that so many have been complaining about for years.



    Btw, everything is up to date, Newest Itunes software, and most recent OS on my phone/computer.

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    Apologies if I have missed this in this and other similar threads but I have a theory about this problem which others may find useful.  My library is 99% from CDs and most of it is stored on my NAS and I have chosen to share it on my LAN.  In tyring to sort out the ! missing song problem that is seems others are having I was curious as to why some songs were missing and others from the same album not missing.  Like some others I suspected a faulty HDD.


    It seems that either one of the updates to iTunes - or perhaps through my meddling, my recent library additions are actually stored on my Mac.  So the library can span across several sources (but you knew that already right).  What I also noticed is that on my wife's Mac she can see my entire library (probably also no news to you).  I also noticed that songs that are missing for me are usually not missing for her.  Then I realised that she listens music much less often then I do.


    Tell me do all of you with the some songs missing from an album and others not sometimes play your library on random play from an NAS?  If so, my theory is that having a non fixed IP address for your NAS makes I tunes associate some songe with a particular address - probably as they are played, and then after the IP address changes, it can't locate the file. 


    Just an idea. 


    I'm currently moving my library back to the NAS and changing the default import settings to the same, then I will re assocaate the songs, most of which I seem to have in either of the two locations with some still on old backups - much faster than re-inserting the CDs.  Then I will add a shortcut to my music folder so I can quickly re-associate songs if this happens again.  May also look at fixing my NAS IP address.

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    My NAS has a fixed IP address. And to be honest, a resource like that probably should. For a computer that logs in / logs out of the network a dynamic IP is not a problem. Fixed resources (NAS, network attached printers, etc) should be fixed. That being said:


    I'll repeat something I wrote many pages ago. After many months of experimentation, frustration, and aggravation, I found that for me the problem went away if I turned of the "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbs AAC" on the sync tab for my device. I found all sorts of other red herrings along the way (file system date being out of sync with NAS date being one) but that was the one thing that has provided a permanent fix for me. The idea behind this setting is to allow folks to use a higher bit rate for their network library (for playing via a stereo or other media center) and use lower bit rate on a mobile device (where sound quality is not quite as important as storage space). Since I turned that feature off, I have not had a single problem.


    For me, the files were deleted from my computer (I could open a file explorer window and actually watch the files disappear as the sync was going on) but remained on my iPod. I even made my media folder read only, and made the mp3 files read only, and they were still deleted somehow without warning.


    I'm running Windows, iTunes 10 (but experience the problem with earlier versions as well), iTunes library is on a NAS with a fixed IP address, addressed via the "X" drive letter label.


    At some point I am going to set up an isolated copy of iTunes on a laptop and see if I can recreate the problem with the sync setting there, but for now with everything working (knocks on wood) I'm not messing with anything.

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    I am having this problem.  Has anything been done to fix this?

  • Maziekit Level 1 Level 1



    I am lucky enough to have a terabyte external hard drive at my disposal, so I've just gotten into the habit of copying the iTunes music folder over onto it every couple of weeks or so (I fiddle with artwork and lyrics and download a lot of non-commercially available videos). Of course, that means that any songs whose artist and/or album tags were altered are duplicating like crazy in my nightmarishly overfilled backup...


    This whole thing gives me a headache.

  • sheila173 Level 1 Level 1

    I am a recent user of iTunes, my wife has used it for years with no problems.  She has simply synced the whole library on to her iPod Classic.  I have started using an old 4 gig nano and songs have started disappearing!  I could not load the entire library and I think this is part of the problem.  I decided to reload songs from her iPod back into the library but first had to identify which songs were gone.  I used the songs list, right click to use get info to look at the file location.  No help but noticed all of the missing songs were in the library at 128kbps.  Thanks to the person who mentioned this sync compression feature as a problem.  All of the songs that were still in the library were 256kbps or higher.  When I transfered missing songs back from the iPod they were 128kbps.  I am not sure of the relationship and have not synced my nano yet out of fear.  I am reloading the CD's that were originally loaded by my wife several years ago making sure they are 256kbps.  I hope someone at Apple can fix this issue and save others the frustration and work to reload their songs.

  • Nycommon Level 1 Level 1

    It's so sad how they have no problem taking our $$ for a "better" product. But offer no solid support to correct these problems. I hate how complicated iTunes is in my little simple world I live in...

      Prove me wrong and fix iTunes... instead of making a smaller iPad and go back to a simpler music program.

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    I've been wrastling with this for a long while now.


    I recently upgraded to the very latest minor release of ITunes in

    the hope that it contained some sort of remedy to my vanishing

    library.  I'm looking into the 128 bit issue and I think it may be

    implicated in my woes.


    I have now lost about 8000 of 13000 songs.


    If I did not have system backups I would be a great deal more

    excited than I am now.




    Since I've been using the update, I've found that things seem to be

    a bit better. Nothing more has vanished in spite of sync operations being
    performed, but then there's not a whole lot left.


    That said, albums restored from backup and imported into ITunes (include folder with
    copy) have managed to restore tunes to the library on the computer, BUT

    many of the restored tunes do not appear on the IPod (Classic 160GB).

    I notice that the sync operation reports examination of  reintroduced items, but

    these still do not appear on the IPod.


    Even if I can restore most of the items from backup and get them into the library,

    it will take several hours. I will still have thousands of Duplicates and items automatically

    misdentified by ITunes in one way or another.


    My Conclusion :


    I am now actively seeking a solution to managing my music collection that does not involve
    Apple products.


    I do not plan on getting another IPhone or IPod  as the problems ITunes introduces into my

    life are greater than the benefits the IPhone/ IPod provide. I will not consider an purchase

    of IPad for the same reasons.


    ITunes is a critical part of the environment Apple is selling.

    When I buy an IPad/Phone/Pad I am implicitly buying ITunes too,

    even if it is 'free'.

    It works wonderfully when generating income for Apple.
    It works horribly when managing content that may or may not have originated from Apple.


    I really HATE reaching this point, but I've had it.

  • purplepig1127 Level 1 Level 1

    so just came back from spring break to discover my entire itunes library GONE. **** YOU APPLE.

  • LSF1942WLA Level 1 Level 1

    Just discovered that my recent upgrade to iTunes has changed at least one of my albums from what I had imported to what it THOUGHT it should be and since the songs didn't match it deleted two of them. I had imported a CD of "The New Broadway Cast Recording" of Grease from 1994. The one with Rosie O'Donnell in it. iTunes decided I really meant the movie soundtrack with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta so it changed the album art to that AND deleted two songs that were not in the movie. Any idea why and how do I fix this? And how do I stop it from doing it again? Sometimes Apple is as frustrating as Microsoft!!!!! Don't they test this stuff?

  • QuoteNotes Level 1 Level 1

    I have iTunes 11.02.26. When I turned off my PC last night, everything appeared to be fine. When I turned it on this morning, it was checking the library. When the program booted up, all of my Playlists (dozens) were gone. It appears that my downloaded music is there, but the 3,000 or so songs I ripped from CDs are all missing from the music library listing. When I check the actual folders on my PC, all of the music files appear to be there...they're just not appearing in the iTunes library missing and, again, all of the Playlists I spent hours creating are gone. Thoughts?


    Maybe it's time I looked for an alternative to iTunes. Any suggestions, along with suggestions for converting the files? I currently have about 6,000 songs.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    QuoteNotes wrote:


    IMaybe it's time I looked for an alternative to iTunes. Any suggestions, along with suggestions for converting the files? I currently have about 6,000 songs.

    Convert to what? They should work fine as they are.

  • QuoteNotes Level 1 Level 1

    I thought Apple's music file format was proprietary.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    It is not.

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