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    Hi tt2

    I had a problem where my iTunes disappeared. I googled my problem and was directed to your instructions for removing & re-installing iTunes. I duly followed your advice after reading comments from many other people with the same problem who had done as you suggested, and it worked. Yay! I was very sceptical as I'm usually useless with technical problems but am so pleased that your suggestions were what I needed that I registered to use this forum just so that I could thank you.

    I hope Apple acknowledge your expertise and the time you must give to this forum in helping people solve their technical issues!

    I, for one, greatly appreciate it and this forum will now be my number one choice when experiencing further problems.

    Thanks again.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,812 points)

    You're welcome.


    Those still having trouble installing iTunes 11.1.4 should now refer to:

    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates



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    All the music disappeared from my sister's iTunes ( on Win7 Pro... I went into Preferences, on the Store tab, and checked the 'Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases' and clicked OK.



    Closed iTunes, reopened it, and all her songs showed up... then in the 'cloud' column, I clicked the down-arrow beside each song and it downloaded them all to her computer again.


    Hope that helps *some*body. 

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    Just wanted to add to the list of victims here.  Im on 10.6.8 and running the latest iTunes 11.1. Was in the process of ripping a 1500 cd library onto 1TB external seagate drive when at about 700 rips I get a warning that my hard drive is full.  Eh? I changed the destination folder to the external drive at the start of this project. Sure enough, when I check the destintion for iTunes, it's ripping to the mac hd.  Had about 200 rips on there.  So I re-designate the Seagate drive and rip another disc and go to check where it ended up- in this case it was a Herbie Hancock disc and it was indeed on the external drive as I planned. But wait, I had already ripped another Herbie Hancock disc and I don't see it.  I check on the Mac hd- not there either.  That's funny, the artwork and track listings are in my library and the disc in my "done" pile-  Click on a track- cannot locate the file.  I move all the Mac hd rips over to the external which is where they should have been going in the first place, check again- Herbie still gone. Restart, sign out, update, blah blah. Nothing.

    I just rip the disc again and it shows up in the artist folder section like it should and I think to myself, "Wow, how lucky was I to have stumbled upon the one disc that somehow went missing." But almost before I can complete that thought I think again- "Oh no! What if that isn't THE ONLY ONE MISSING?"

    Went through the whole darn library and it turns out I'm scarce about 100 cd rips.  Along with a smattering of downloaded iTunes stuff which I had to delete first in order for it to be available from the Cloud since iTunes was seeing them as present in my library.


    I got on the phone with Apple and I knew I wasn't going to get answers but I figured it was worth it to let them hear about it again.  To me, it's not the ripping CDs that is the issue by itself since some downloaded content also went missing and in my estimation at about the same rate proportionally. It's a glitch in iTunes.


    For now, I'm going to continue with the ripping project but maybe uncheck the 'Keep library organized' box and see if I have better luck. At least at this point I'm aware of it.  Hopefully I can get the library restocked and then keep an active back up.  I agree with those of you on here that are ticked at the principle of this issue. Really what's the point of iTunes (assuming it's iTunes that is doing this) if it can't keep your stuff intact? 

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    It's not just iTunes. Since my last iPad Mini operating system upgrade, I've had constant app crashes, especially Safari and, in particular, when I'm watching something on YouTube. Apple appears to have signficant, widespread QC problems and either they don't care to fix them because of their hold on the marketplace for MP3 players and tablets or they can't figure out the problems.


    I've abandoned iTunes after spending thousands of dollars in downloads. I moved my library to MediaMonkey and use Spotify most of the time. The free version of Spotify works fine when you have an internet connection, but I sprang for the pay version so I could download playlists for when I'm traveling or away from a connection.


    If Apple doesn't fix the iPad Mini crash problem, I'm going to move to the Kindle Fire.

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    yikes, just found this thread.


    my GF came to me last night, half of her playlists are empty. i assumed user error...checked the itunes folder, and NONE of the missing music was there.

    not random missing songs, but whole albums and/or entire collections by an artist.


    2 things: her TM drive is new (november), and NONE of the missing music is there (so perhaps, a problem SINCE november).


    and...most of her music's from old CDs, some from amazon. so...the amazon stuff is replaceable; the CDs are long gone.


    unbelievable. how does all this data disappear? as some have suggested, seems an action that takes place when syncing her iphone; too 'deliberate' to be random data vanishing.


    frightening stuff...

  • fisherKing Level 1 (135 points)

    after a closer GF is missing about 70 albums. i can re-DL about 40 from amazon, but the rest were from CDs she no longer has.


    late summer, all the music vanished from her iphone, and there was a link to the applestore to get music. had to do some fiddling to get her music back from itunes to the phone (she has it set to autofill).


    my suspicion is...something happened then.

    never seen anything like this.

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    This error can be fixed if the track is part of an album. You will need to download another song from that album, on your PC this will  not work on moblie I divices, but you can re sync with your divice arfter you have done this. When you have completed downloading the track, open up the album in itunes and press show complete album. Your lost track should show up in here with an option to download the track from icloud.

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    iTunes has many problems. Consumer software should work as expected and intended. iTunes is now so unstable and unpredictable that the risk is too high to reliability manage a song collection using it. I've abandoned it and moved to MediaMonkey. I now use it and Spotify exclusively.


    No consumer who had invested thousands of dollars in iPods and iTunes downloads, not to mention the time incurred in ripping CDs, should have to jump through these kinds of hoops to get software to work.


    The most amazing thing about this is that I've not seen anything written about these issues in the technology or mainstream media? Are they that clueless or is that the don't want to be critical of their technology darling?

  • fisherKing Level 1 (135 points)

    for us, the loss was entire albums...or playlists. am trying to figure out the common denominator.


    all her albums are organized into playlists, a few cases, the ENTIRE catalog of a single artist vanished.

    and feel pretty sure this happened when her iphone/itunes relationship 'glitched', and she lost her iphone music.


    anyway, will back up what i restore. still, something like this should NOT happen...

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    I discovered a munch of missing music in various folders--all of my Weezer is gone--that existed prior to the last update. My phone did not have enough storage space to accommodate the last update (too much "other" crap on the phone that I cannot get rid of). I managed to get it updated. I then had to remove itunes and re-install (following directions for Windows 8.1. All seemed fine until I was synching today and looking for a specific song. Now, not only have all the albums I loaded from discs vanished, so have all the albums and songs my huband bought (we share the same account). We have turned on sharing in every way imaginable, I have opened the cloud (which I detest) and I am still missing tons of stuff. I confirmed we were both set with network sharing. I restarted itunes and now his library shows but I cannot import anything. Having no help from iTunes despite their having hundreds or thousands of dollars of our money is ********. I want to convert all the songs I have to something I can play on a non-apple product so this crap will end.

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    I recommend FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression)... most non-apple players support it.


    Many A/V receivers, like the network-aware (TX-NR*) Onkyo units, will stream them across your home network from media servers such as Twonky or TVersity, up to 24-bit 192KHz.




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    Hi I have lost tunes and albums from Itunes.  They appear to have gone from my NAS drive as well.  However when I use my sonos it plays the missing files.  So they are still there.  I have recently started to use iTunes . A mistake?

  • ChazThePhoenix Level 1 (20 points)

    I will bet iTunes is copying them somewhere. Check that infamous box under "library/organize library"...


    then check the folder outside the folder where you expect the tunes to be...its kinda confusing...but if sonos sees it, its there.

  • ChazThePhoenix Level 1 (20 points)

    iTunes is never a mistake. The advantages hugely out weigh the annoyances