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  • Sheryl Kingstone Level 3 Level 3
    OK wait....describe again the problem? I don't quite follow. I use this transition all the time without any issues. You are trying to use the theme in imovie for scrapbook or photoalbum? I have used both. If you double click on the transition, it will bring up small bubble/tackpin pointers. You can move these pointers around to represent the image you want displayed during the transition. You can also lengthen the transition, but it also depends on how much footage you have before and after the transition.
  • dwu Level 1 Level 1

    I have a project with several transitions, mostly between stills, but quite a few clips as well.

    The project uses the photo album theme. Normal (i.e. crossfade) transitions work fine.

    The theme transitions worked fine at the beginning of the project. A ways in, when I start adding theme transitions, they start behaving oddly. 9 times out of 10, they don't work, but occasionally they are OK. There's 2 problems. I think they may be triggered by having lots of transitions in your project based on other reports I've read in this forum. One user goes so far as to say it happens after 27 transitions, but I haven't counted myself.

    1. The starting clip and ending clip will "jump" exactly halfway through the transition. The starting clip (the one you are transitioning from) will appear in a frame and continue to play as the transition progresses. Exactly at the halfway point (where the diagonal line in the precision editor hits the bottom), the frame containing the starting clip will either go black, or display a random (sometimes distorted) still from elsewhere in the project. The ending clip (the one you are transitioning to) does the opposite. It will start with the frame either being black or the same random distorted still and exactly halfway through (where the diagonal line in the precision editor begins at the top) it will correctly show the clip.

    2. The bubble/tackpins you refer to are also problematic. When I go to move them, they will get "stuck". I'll try to select a clip by moving the bubble and nothing will happen. I'll move it to another clip, and the previous one will appear. If the the two have different aspect ratios, the aspect ratio shown in the frame will be wrong, either stretching or compressing the image.

    I've checked in the precision editor that there is enough source material to transition from and to (I'm quite familiar with editing in Premier and Final Cut). Sometimes I can fix it by deleting and adding the clips again, but this rarely works. Other users reported the same issue and came up with a workaround involving dragging the transition duration longer in the precision editor then manually changing it back in the inspector, but that hasn't worked for me.
  • Kaessie70 Level 1 Level 1
    You described the problem well. I am having the same kind of trouble and the work around with the precision editor didn't work for me either.

    The most annoying thing is that I made several theme based movies without having this sort of trouble and those look really nice. I thought the problem could have occurred after the latest update (8.0.4), because the previous project I made was fine and that was before the update came in. although the project in which the problems occur is longer than the ones I made before.

    I hope this bug is solved quickly or that at least I'll find a work around that works for me
  • Guy67 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm in the middle of a montage and having the exact same problem as well, in the 2nd half of my project I have to resort to using regular transitions, otherwise it looks weird having pictures jump and the odd black frame. I guess no one has been able to find a solution to this?
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