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I want to introduce iPhone when I am teaching digital courses. I have been unable to find a suitable solution for mirroring my iPhone screen to my laptop so I can project of the class to watch and interact with what it will do for them. Any suggestions?

G4, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Don't believe there is any way to do what you are trying.

    You could try contacting Apple directly to see if they can do something to help you. Or you could download the SDK and run the iPhone simulator on an intel based Mac to display on the projector.
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    There is a crude but quick and efficient way to do what you want. See if your school has, or will invest in, a document camera. An analog camera (composite video) should plug directly into an LCD (DLP) projector or television. I set this up once to project a graphing calculator with no problems. I don't remember the manufacturer but we bought a lower end model for testing purposes (project documents without scanning them). It had zoom and focus adjustments that were very easy to use. They allow you to project any document or 3-D object.
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    There is no solution at the moment which I find regrettable. iPhone could be used to teach with in very interesting ways if it could be mirrored to a projector (or screen).
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    This may be a little left field but what about the apple composite cables (i don't know if these display things as you go through menu's probably just the outputted video or pictures) but you could go through the iPhone step by step as you would while taking a class and just take screen shots which would be stored on the phone then run these screenshots as a slideshow presentation with the AV cable or just copy them off to a computer and use that to do it. i know it doesn't allow for any spontaneity in the presentation but most presentations are better if they follow a structure then have questions at the end and if there where questions you could quickly complete the task taking screenshots along the way then slideshow them immediately. The only thing i guess this wouldn't allow, would be for people to see how the iPhone interface actually reacts to the users touch but most people are familiar with the UI and its reaction by now i would say.
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    If you watch the demo that Steve Jobs did part 6 or something, sorry about my poor quotation of this but Mr. Jobs used something to display the iphone in the way that you are describing. I am also working on this idea because we are trying to use the iphone as a teaching tool. You are aware that the iphone SDK has an emulator which you could use right on your desktop... That is also a helpful tool, but I am thinking that some parallels will work with the iphone as r.cloud says. Also the document camera would be hard if you are an active presenter but it is a good option!
    - Sean

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    the thing that steve uses to display the iPhone on screen at the presentations is something specifically designed for apple, and is not for resale (at least thats my understanding)