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Robert Schwenkler Level 1 (10 points)
I've exported a keynote to pdf in order to share with people and so far have feedback from one windows user that some photo's are not showing for them whereas all is fine on my imac.
It turns out that keynote pic's that are masked are selectively not showing for this person- again, the exact same pdf file is fine for me. I went into the adobe reader settings for this person and the settings (default) are just like my adobe settings... no settings need changing that I can see (i.e. pictures turned off or such...
One other bit of info... the person sees a shadow or outline of where the masked photo would be... but the slide background is showing. And again the pdf looks just fine on my computer???
Any suggestions other than having to go thru my presentation and redoing photo's so no masking...
actually I'm doing a demo of keynote 09 maybe I'll try pdf for that to see if any different...

imac 2.4 duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 2gig ram
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    I've never heard of a PDF displaying differently in two copies of Adobe Reader. Most strange. Sure it's the same file? If it's only happening with masked images must be bad PDF rendering by Keynote. No Win machine here to verify.
  • Robert Schwenkler Level 1 (10 points)
    Two things I've found:
    1. the original person who had trouble I had them update their version of adobe reader and all was well.
    2. Another guy had trouble with stripes printing out on some graphics (the masked pics again) and he is a windows guy who knows graphics... this didn't happen with my printer or anyone elses.... so what he did to "fix" this was to flatten the pdf file. I think he has a full blown adobe program that can do this. Apparently the pdf from keynote has masked photo's with transparency layers or something internal to the file. Most printers don't have a problem with it but the overall answer was to flatten the pdf- get rid of the layers.- this would probably solve the #1 problem too...
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    Hi Robert,

    It is true Acrobat Pro can flatten layers. I just exported a Keynote file to PDF containing masked images and there was only one layer generated. Can you confirm you file has more than one layer? You can do this in Adobe reader with the View> Navigation Panels> Layers Menu item. Transparency is a separate issue.

    Flattening layers and flattening transparency are two different things.

    Flattening Layers makes 1 layer. Flattening transparency removes the alpha or transparency value assigned to objects by rendering the overall effect of multiple overlapping objects and blending modes into a single pixel-image like a tiff and replacing the objects (largely – sometimes line-work gets left) in the file. This is used in print world because high-end image image setters have no way to interpret transperency that illustration programs (and Keynote) can generate in there PDF files.

    Which is a long way to saying if you save in a PDF format prior to transparency PDF 1.5 and below I think?? you'll get rid of transperency from your file. Thhere are also newer PDF/X standards used in print industry but I have no experience of them.

    Print from Preview application to a PDF would probably flatten a file. I get options for various PDF formats in my print dialogues but you may not because I have additional software installed that may be generating them. Sounds like the update did the trick anywho.