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I recently re-downloaded iTunes after reinstalling my computer's OS. I have everything up to date, including iTunes, Quicktime, and my OS (Windows XP Service Pack 3).

When I start iTunes, it works fine for a few seconds and typically freezes after about 10 seconds or randomly after clicking something or just even rolling my mouse over something. This occurs about every 15 seconds, and will stay frozen for up to 5 minutes at times. I have tried multiple solutions from Apple's support site, none of which have helped.

This is preventing me from properly downloading lost music and applications as well as updating my iPod Touch. My iPod Touch is now completely unfunctional because iTunes keeps freezing when installing the new 2.2 update. When I turn on the iPod Touch, it only shows the screen of the USB plug pointing at the iTunes logo.

Anyone else experiencing this? If so, please give me a working solution. This is really annoying me and has occured every time I've used iTunes in the past.

Dell Inspirion 1501, Windows XP, Everything is up to date.
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    Do you experience this Problem also when using other Programs? Are you sure it could not possibly be a hardware issue?
    If so then note that Program freezes can occur for example, when your RAM is broken. You can check this (if you want to have a look at it) with a freeware Program called memtest.
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    No, all other programs function well. I've also tried using iTunes when all my other programs were closed and still had no luck.

    UPDATE: iTunes is randomly working a little bit better, but now it won't even detect my iPod Touch. I'm working on some solutions on the Apple website, but haven't reached anything yet.

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    Sorry, but if this is a software issue I cannot help you very much. I would just try to uninstall and reinstall the apple software, such as quicktime and Itunes, which you apparently just did after reinstalling your OS.
    You hint that you have had the Problem even before you reinstalled your OS, that was what made me believe it could be a hardware issue.

    Please bear in mind that other Programs, such like your Browser or Word MAY not have so much trouble with a little defect Ram. Usually those Errors show in Software like Computergames that have a lot of Ram usage and result in Program crashs or freezes.
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    I have just reinstalled iTunes with Quicktime. I just now started iTunes and it's telling me I have to restore with the last settings of my iPod. Therefore, it's now detecting, but once again making me restore.
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    Okay, the restore went well. iTunes is actually not freezing now, but I it's once again not detecting my iPod. After the restore was complete, it said my iPod will show in the iTunes window in about 10 seconds. And so far, it hasn't shown.

    EDIT: Windows detects the iPod, but iTunes does not.

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    Since I got no Ipod and do not know how the Syncing works I cannot be of help here. Sorry.

    There are a lot of threads about the Ipod being not detected though, maybe you can find some answers there.
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    Try resetting the ipod, or putting it into disk mode before connecting it. If that does not make itunes recognize it, then you may need to change the drive letter of your ipod.


    If you can't see the ipod in disk management, before you connect the ipod, open itunes, select edit/preferences. This will make itunes busy. Then connect the ipod