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I have 2 bluetooth devices that I regularly use with my iPhone: one portable bluetooth headset and one bluetooth handsfree set in my car.

Is there a way to keep both profiles "alive" and switch between them as I desire?

At present I believe the iPhone can only have 1 device in the bluetooth-settings.
If I want to use the other device I have to disconnect the first one and pair/connect the second one - which is quite uncomfortable if you want to do this regularly.

Any hints?

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    You SHOULD be able to have more than one device paired at the same time. However, having just ONE device CONNECTED does make sense. I am also using two bluetooth headsets with my iPhone 3G. It seems I have no problem connecting with each headset without having to repair them to the iPhone. All I have to do is switch-off the first headset and then switch-on the second one and it will connect automatically. I am using two Jabra headsets. That said, I have noticed that Jabra headsets have a very complete bluetooth stack, and they've never introduced any pairing/connectivity issues for more than 3 years for me on various devices.

    Regarding your case, you should really try pairing the first device, switching it off, then pairing the second one. You should then be able to connect each device (mind you, one at a time) but switching it on, while having the other one switched off. Givi it a try and let us know how it goes...

    iPhone 3G in general has noumerous bluetooth issues, and that's why [Apple should redesign the bluetooth stack in iPhone\http://pleasefixtheiphone.com/problems/view/6330/.
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    Same problem.
    I have 2 bluetooth devices that I regularly use with my iPhone: one portable bluetooth headset Jabra BT2050 and one bluetooth Vtech set in my house.
    It was working perfect with My Samsung Phone. I've had two devices listed in Samsung and when i turn ON one of them it is auto connecting/pairing with phone and do same thing if i turn OFF first and turn ON second. My 3G Iphone keep ONE device in list ONLY and if i turn OFF that device, iPhone still have that device in list as a paired. To connect to second device i need to unPaire first and then go through connecting steps to make a second working with iPhone. It is ***.
    Is there any firmware update for that?