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I have a question about deleting my google history from the iPhone. I have cleared the browsing history etc in general settings page but when in google if you type the first letter it gives you options that you have searched before. How do you delete these??
Any suggestions?

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    You mean at the google web page? Well google itsself shows suggestions as you type (even on the computer) and if you have logged into your Google account and in the past setup to have them save your data, they can pull that info back to. So if you mean while at a web page, that is Google doing what they do and what you opted for. You will have to access Google settings about such things.
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    No I don't mean on the actual google web page but the top address bar and the google (or Yahoo) search tool. When you get the address bar and you type a letter say "r" then you get every google search staring with R in a list so you can choose them and save time.
    How do you delete this info so thelist is cleared??

    I hope that is clearer what I am looking for!
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    Ok, I know what you mean now, but don't know if there is a way to clear. Sounds the same as email addresses people complain about. If you hand type an email address when making an email it will remain there as well with no option to clear. The only way to clear (which odds are the same for the search) is to Restore your phone and don't load the backup but start fresh.


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    Ok being a bit thick, how do you restore the iPhone? Using iTunes? Will that clear all of the phone numbers in the phone? I am having problems syncing my phone due to an archaic laptop with outlook express problems!!! But that is another story!
    Is there anything you can do on the iPhone to do this WITHOUT loosing the numbers, callender etc?
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    Well when one syncs, contacts should be being put in some address book location you are syncing with. So if you do wipe the phone. Yes all will be gone, but setting it up to sync again will sync all your data back.
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    Hi there, wondering if you ever got this issue resolved, I'm having the same issue. I know I've removed this history before but something must have changed in an iphone update.
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    Certainly, you just clear the history using the 'correct' one of the two methods and it clears the Google search autofill also. There are two ways to clear the history. Settings > Safari > Clear History _does NOT_ clear the Google search autofill. However, in the Safari app, tap the bookmark icon at the bottom, then if necessary tap the arrow at the top left to get to the top level, then tap History, then tap Clear (at the bottom). That method also clears the Google search autofill entries.
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    It worked, Thank you very much.