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    I did this, and now iMovie refuses to acknowledge that the project exists. I tried relaunching iMovie, and double clicking the project to open it but nothing works. Also, if I make a new project with the same name as the broken one, it adds a " 2" at the end of it, therefore it knows that the project is there. Please help as I am on a tight deadline and need to get this exported!

  • neph73 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I followed Jim's instructions but the pathways were fine. Exactly the same yet my project is still bringing up source clip is missing. Can anyone help?

  • Enshalia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much!!  I moved all my files to an external hard drive BEFORE I realized you couldn't re-link them easily .  I downloaded TextWrangler through the AppStore since I didn't want to pay for BBedit and it worked great!  Since I am new to all this it took me a little bit to learn the lingo of what I was looking for but once I got that down, saved it first after only one text line change to make sure it worked (and it did!) then re-opened the document, did a command F to find all the rest and viola!  I am now making my DVD WITHOUT re-doing the whole project!  Thank you again!!!

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    I've just found unexpected success by simply moving all the video files out of the imovie event folder (in Finder), then moving them back in again and allowing imovie to re-import them.

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    Thanks so much, that worked great!  Easy to do, also.  I was thinking I was going to have to replace the .mov, retime, edit, etc.  But thanks to your simple way of doing this, the .mov events are all back!  THANK YOU, thank you!!! - Peter

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    I solved the problem by renaming the location of the migrated files, as suggested in this useful tutorial, checking and/or editing the project work flow text with text wrangler.

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    Thank you so much, Jim! I just changed the folder name back to the original folder name I had for it, and all is well.

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