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All of a sudden, in my apartment, where I've always had service -- it says "No Service" on my iPhone. I can't call or receive calls. I've tried restarting several times and nothing has worked. What else can I do to fix this?

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    instead of restarting the phone, which does nothing, try resetting it by pressing and holding the sleep and home buttons for about 10 seconds until you see an apple. Ignore the slider.

    Other options are to call at&t and see if your bill is paid up to date, if they have towers down. You may need to take out your sim card and reinsert it.

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    Restarting didn't work, i've paid my bill and At&t says there are no towers down in the area.
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    ok, i said reset.

    did you just turn the phone off and then back on for your restart?

    if you follow those directions to the T (above), and you kept those buttons pressed and did not do nothing else until you see a silver apple, then you may need to get a new sim card from ATT.

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    I don't know if you have the iPhone 2G or not, but if you do, turn off 3G and see if that works. I've noticed that on my iPhone if I have 3G enabled then go into an Edge only zone it will switch to Edge, but if I turn off the iPhone or it loses connection while in the Edge only zone when 3G is enabled on the iPhone it will not connect to Edge and display the No Service. In order to get service again on the Edge network, I have to turn off 3G for it to connect.

    How to turn off 3G:
    Settings->General->Network->The toggle switch for 3G is in here.

    After you turn off 3G if it still doesn't detect a signal, try restarting the iPhone. If this was the problem you'll be connected to the Edge network, you'll just have to turn on 3G again when you get to a place you know 3G has a strong signal.

    **This scenario that I presented is only if you have an iPhone 3G.
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    I brought that up at an Apple club meeting tonight. The story I heard is that AT&T has degraded the service to the older Edge phones in favor of the 3G phones. I can hardly ever get a call through now at home. Call AT& T and complain.
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    I actually welcome this, because most phones that are created anymore are all 3G. Basically what they are doing is switching the 3G from being broadcasted at 1900Mhz to 850Mhz, which is the frequency Edge has been broadcasted on. When broadcasting at 850Mhz, the signal is stronger and can penetrate walls easier without degrading the signal. AT&T is stepping in the right direction by going forward with the new technology instead of being stuck in the past with Edge. I welcome the transition to 3G and the fact that they are starting to broadcast it with the 850Mhz frequency.

    For all of you with Edge only phones and those of you who are in Edge only zones, I highly doubt AT&T will change the Edge signal to the 1900Mhz frequency. The only reason they switched Edge to the 1900Mhz frequency is in 3G areas so there wouldn't be any conflict between the two and would give 3G the better signal. They wouldn't degrade the signal of Edge in an Edge only zone.