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Hello all.

I need a little help putting my mind at ease. The original graphics card that came with my G5 (Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL) died on me over the weekend and I find myself needing to replace it. Took my Mac to the Genius bar and the guy told me that I would need to replace the card with an AGP 8x card. So ... I went online and purchase from Macsales.com the ATI 9600 Pro 4x/8x AGP card with 256MB of VRam. I have two 20" cinematic displays, so i need the dual DVI support.

What is getting me a tad nervous is that Apple Care 'recommends' replacing the card with the exact same card OR one that was also being offered at the time of purchase (ATI 9800 XT).

Does anyone foresee a problem plugging in the ATI 9600 card? If you do, can you make a suggestion for a card and direct me to where to buy (the 9600 seems to be backordered everywhere)?

Thanks in advance.

PowerMac G5 Duel 2.0, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Dual Monitors